Friday, April 15, 2011


With hubby's upcoming concert on Easter Weekend, we've been making a bit of music together (usually figuratively, but this time literally).

At first, I confess it was an effort to make time to practice. I'm always sooo busy. But after wiping a few things off my to-do list, I actually sat back and enjoyed it. No, scrap that. I was remembering what I used to love. So very, very much.

So, this week, I've remembered the poor neglected piano which I played all the time. And been playing it. Luckily the bathroom is opposite, and I've been timing my piano playing with the kids' bathtime.

It's been decadent, and although I've gotten very rusty, it's a pleasure to play again.

How about you? Have you forgotten a hidden treasure of something you used to love to do?

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  1. oh I've wanted a piano for ages - not that i can play! Well maybe one tune from all those years of lessons. How lovely making music must be xx

  2. Recently I had the opportunity to do some singing again and we have a little performance coming up soonish..I had forgotten how good it felt too! All the best with your dad played a lot..and still does..and as kids we loved listening to him play. I think your kids will love that music in the background of their days as well.

  3. I'd love a piano to try out my (extremely) rusty skills. I think I like the idea of playing more than the actual playing!!! x

  4. It's great that you can play the piano. I took my son to piano lessons for the first time last week. He was shy the first time, but after the second lesson he is really keen to keep on going.

  5. Mine is sewing ! I love love love it! I've missed it so much that I started again, and even opened an etsy shop. I figure, life's too short, not to be doing stuff we love:)

  6. oh yes, I used to play piano!!! what a good reminder of something that brings joy. And it's good for my kids too - and me - makes me happy.

  7. Oh wow you can play?? I'd love to be able to :-) Keep it up, it's good for the soul :-)


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