Saturday, April 30, 2011

fancy pants

In celebration of Kate and Will's Big Royal Wedding, I thought it was a great excuse to whip out the wedding dress and give it a night out.

Of course, I haven't actually tried it on since I was married 10 years ago. Let's just say that it was a bit of a reality check. I had to hitch it up to fit around my waist and waddled around in it just moments before my departure to our monthly Food Club Royal Wedding Celebration, but then when it came to actually getting into the car, I realised it was going to be a bit tricky. And then after arriving at Wedding Destination (Julie's house), it didn't take long for me to remember that I hadn't allowed room in my dress for eating.

So, after a night of shallow breathing (and undoing my back zipper a little bit more), I made it through the night. Yes, I shed a tear or two because Kate walking down the aisle and William telling her she looked beautiful is that romantic, and relishing in the beautiful choir music (wasn't it awesome?). I even sang along to the hymns. Overall, it was a fabulous night. The girls (also dressed in clothes fit for a wedding) while giggling and commenting their way throughout the whole night. Which flew by very quickly, I might add.

And while I was thinking about how quick the ceremony was, it took me back to my wedding day. The bridesmaid's gowns, the giant lillies in the pine trees, those amazing bouquets, the handsome groom, the stinking hot weather... oh, and the wedding dress that fit much, much better!


How my dad walked me down the rose petal aisle..

And our very own balcony shot...

Nothing like a royal wedding to remind you that you, too, were a princess for a day in your life (more of our wedding photographs here).

Did the Royal Wedding remind you of your wedding vows and your big day? Did you wear your wedding dress or something equally as fancy while watching the Royal Wedding?

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wears: DRESS/SKIRT/VEIL, Made by Rosalie. NECKLACE, Made by me. SHOES, Tony Bianco. FLOWERS, Made by Rosalie. NAIL POLISH, OPI Big Apple Red.

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  1. Awww - how beautiful were/are you?? (you still look *exactly* the same!!)
    Sounds like you had a really lovely royal wedding party! I spent my night at a restaurant, have one or two (ahem) bevvies and keeping up to date with the royal proceedings courtesy of a friend's daughter who kept txting us photos taken from her tv!! Such fun!!

  2. What a gorgeous post! That is so utterly cool that you donned your wedding dress for the royal celebrations, what a wonderful time you must have had!
    You looked stunning on your wedding day and stunning 10 years on, well done :o)
    I loved every minute of Will & Kate's big day, glorious!
    Happy to be your latest follower, found you over at Maxabella's grateful posts, pleased I did!

  3. Stunning!!! Both now and then. You look fabulous and dress is gorgeous. And as for even fitting into it ten years later - well yay Kim!!. After only 3 bubs mine would not even come close. My waiste has totally changed size. Yay you is all I'm going to say about that :O)

  4. What a pretty bride you made (love the balcony shot), and how cool of you to jump back into it for the Royal Wedding. And you have a Food Club??! I want a Food Club!

  5. Yay! I'm so pleased we got to see it... looked fabulous then and still does... gxo

  6. I am loving all the wedding shots lately. I love weddings and the photos. Always annoyed that it rained so much on our day that we couldn't get the shots we wanted, and the photographer was also, anti digital...why??? Why???

  7. Kymmie you are gorgeous! Love the wedding photos!

    I did a wedding post in honor of the royal wedding, too. All of the hoopla made me want to take out my wedding pictures and reminisce. =)

  8. You look gorgeous! I love the color of your wedding gown. Nice to see something rather than the traditional white.
    I loved the wedding. It was just so sweet and beautiful.

  9. Your wedding bouquet is gorgeous! And congrates on fitting into your wedding dress. I'm only 3 years in and I wouldn't have a hope.

  10. oh darling Kymmie, you look sensational in your wedding gown ten years on!!! i love it and that colour is divine!!! Who cares if it doesnt fit like it once did - look at those two gorgeous boys your body made and nurtured!!! glad you had a lovely night. and yes, the whole wedding reminded me of my own and you are so right - for one day we were all princesses!!! xx

  11.'re so beautiful, Kymmie. I love everything about this post, especially after we all have had our fill of the royal wedding. I super looove your own version of the balcony shot. It's not part of a wedding scene in the Philippines so I find this refreshing and a-ma-zing.

  12. Beautiful dress and you look beautiful in it, on all photos.

  13. For ten years look amazing! That colour is so right for you too. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures of the actual day.

  14. Your then and now shots are just are a stunner!!

    Love that you broke with tradition and wore a colour other than really suits you :)

  15. There's not much left to say. You look gorgeous, love the dress and you still do it justice! Great excuse for getting it out of the wardrobe. x

  16. You still look fabulous in your dress! And how lovely was the ceremony. I thought it had some really charming moments although it was its own entirely different thing to Charles and Diana's wedding (which I watched avidly) :)

  17. LOVE the balcony shot! Wish I had thought to get one of them. You look stunning too.

  18. There is no way I would even be able to do my wedding dress up let alone look as good as you - Kymmie you look "fan bloody tastic"

  19. You were gorgeous then AND now!

    Sounds like a fun way to celebrate!

  20. You've inspired me! I really want to get the wedding dress out again.

    Will you tell me how a food club works. That sounds right up my alley!!

    Love you wedding pics. They're beautiful!!

  21. Loving your dress! And I'm so impressed you can still fit in it. I'm pretty sure I'm two sizes bigger than my wedding dress! No hope there. What a fun way to celebrate the Royal Wedding. I thought Kate looked do you!

  22. Absolutely gorgeous dress - I so love the color! It must have been a blast to take it out and try it on again.

    I watched the wedding in my bathrobe! It began at 5:30 a.m. in the states. Loved every minute of it - so romantic!

  23. Loved seeing you in your wedding dress. My girls and I watched the Royal Wedding with great interest. Made them want to see our wedding dvd. So sweet.

  24. Given that I am not married yet - it made me speculate on isle music. There was one particular choral piece that I wrote down the name of (and promptly lost)which is an option...but really, I have no idea.

    As for your dress - from what i can see you are a fox - just as much now as then. In fact, somehow looks like your energy is more sassy now.

  25. Wow, wow, wow. You look spectacular and you looked spectacular.
    Your wedding looks like it was so romantic - walking on rose petals?? Ack!
    It was a lovely wedding, wasn't it? Even if we had to wait forever for them to kiss...

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Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx