Monday, January 09, 2012


I just want to be this girl. One who lives in headscarves and owns second-hand bohemian clothes, wears a nose ring, and only eats organic, vegan food. One who throws on clothes that don't go, and has an attitude to match. You know, carefree and a bit careless.

In fact, on the inside I'm such a hippie. We're mostly vegan at home, and our veggie patch is organic, but I don't have a nose ring, and look and feel corporate so much of the time. And the responsibility... how I long to be set free of it sometimes.

Wouldn't it be lovely to live just outside of Byron Bay on a large piece of land? Not work full time, just enough to pay the essential bills. There'd be less costs, because life would be more simple. No need to purchase food, or suits for work. Just have the most simplest of possessions, mostly the clothes on our backs, and perhaps a small mortgage. Or even no debt at all.


But then I know that wouldn't satisfy me either. I'd be longing for the city and a good job. I'd get bored of The Simple Life and look for a project or three. I'd be thinking there was more to life than working on the land.

I'm so divided at times - such a split personality. But at least I can dream and dream, and perhaps even live it for a while.

Or at least dress that way in the meantime.

Is there a part of you that isn't what you seem? Do you find yourself dressing like the inner you sometimes? Do you have dreams of a different life (for a while anyway?)

Thanks for stopping by! (Perhaps we should do another one of these 5 days 5 ways things again soon?)

Kymmie wears: MINI SKIRT, Cotton On. TEE, JeansWest. SCARF, Valleygirl. SANDALS, Target. NECKLACES, Diva.
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  1. Now I look like a nutter cos there was one more skinny mini to go! I do love this look, Kymmie. You know I always fancied myself as 'that girl' as well but I think I cared to much about what others thought of me to really go there. But the older I get... :) x

  2. You look lovely and I so love the idea of letting it all go and just living simple off the land. Letting my cherubs run free while I potter around in the veggie garden and tend to the chooks and bake and keep house....wait...I do that already...just in the burbs! But how lovely would it be to do that out in the country...bliss!

  3. That's exactly how I feel sometimes Kymmie! The only thing is I'm a terrible gardener, so I'm not sure how I'd go with a veggie patch :) And I love the city too much as well. I love to dream about different life scenarios & adventures though!

  4. I have enjoyed this eries Kym...I think the only one I could pull off is the tights gets up :)
    I so long for that life of simplicity..I think I would thrive on it, each to their own :)

  5. Happy new year Kym!

    I can so relate - I'm a split personality type too. I think finding a balance between the two will always be the answer for people like us.

  6. I am no corporate but I relate to this. I contradict myself left, right, and centre! I know my true self is that simple living girl but I get so caught up in the world that I can't find time for slow food and veggie patches! I will continue to strive (but not in a headscarf. I look like a pin head in a scarf!). Another great look Kymmie. You make it look so darn easy...

  7. This is my fave mini outfit of the week. I want to be that girl too! I grew up in the country but sometimes I forget all the simple things. Took Miss A to the Children's Farm last weekend in Collingwood and felt so relaxed and so at home! I'm starting a herb garden in The Shoebox at the moment. It's a start! xx

  8. hey spunk, i love this outfit and yes, sometimes i do dress like my inner self - although i remember for a while I was too self conscious about what other people would think, and tone my style down to everyone elses level (BORING!!) I love your dreams too....we have plans. plans to live on the land, but still have a bit of city to come back to. i think there has to be a balance - you go get your dreams sweetpea xx

  9. Your headscarf is cute, vintage floral? The only headscarves I see are tatty neutrals over greasy hair.
    Nup, not into nose rings either. Heading to a wedding in Byron shortly though, should be beautiful.

  10. I'd love to try bohemian fashion. A while back, you asked me about Fancy Pants. I'm scared of it! There was hardly any photos of me on my blog then.

    Now, tell me more, could I do it as a one off or is it a weekly commitment?

    Also, am I right in thinking I do it on my blog and link back to yours?

    Still finding new little towns and cities and cul-de-sacs where I've never been before, in Blogland, and trying to figure it out without a map!

  11. PS. My husband (who I'm still trying to convince to let me have a blog nick-name for him) bought me a printed maxi dress and I wore it with a long, french, braid to the side, a feathered hairband and peacock style earrings. That was my attempt at bohemian.

  12. Having just returned from many days cruising through gorgeous, laid back towns like Byron, I couldn't agree more Kymmie... give me the simple life, any day!
    Love this cute and fun look. You are a beautiful gal :o) xo

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  14. i just found your blog through a baby called max... you pull off the hair band so well! Why not let it be the now everyday you! Letting your hair down and just being you is the way to go i say :)

  15. Ohmigosh! Did you know that my closest friends call me a hippie-wannabe? I say check on all the things you said (except for the diet part because I'm such a bad eater). Big hug, Kymmie!


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx