Friday, March 30, 2012


Kids have their very own style from a very young age, don't you think?

Madison, who is five years old prefers skinny jeans over any other cut. He's into shoulder-length messy hair and surfer chokers around his neck. He's been nicknamed The Little Surfer at swimming school.

Noah, who is two years old prefers a thrown on look. He'd rather mix and match odd items rather than wear the outfits that go together. If the weather is freezing, he'll wear shorts. If it's hot outside, he'll put on his warm trackies. There is no compromise when I try to assist, because he wants to do it All by misef.

Mr Independent.

A lot can be learnt from their little natures by how they do the little things.

Like putting on their clothes.

What do you see when your children dress themselves?


  1. Oh they're such cute, handsome, gorgeous, trendy little boys Kymmie. Love the photo! I'm pretty sure neither of my boys have any sense of their own style yet, which makes my life a lot easier right now. As soon as they do get a say in it, I think I'm in trouble, haha! xo

  2. oh those two have so much spunk! my son couldn't care less what he wears but Miss M is so determined to pick an outfit that matches and it's rarely weather appropriate either!!! oh the joys!

  3. I'm all about letting them express their own style. Hopefully they will always be this free! x

  4. That is so true. Our daughter is into leggings ALL THE TIME despite all of the new jeans in her drawers and the boy he wants to wear the SAME shoes everyday regardless that we let him pick out his last two pair we bought - I think the shoes might get "lost"

  5. It's amazing how our little ones have such style. My daughter is the exact opposite of myself - she loves sequins and bright pink and girly girl. Joshie loves his athletic pants and shorts, while my oldest boy is into the gamer style of graphic tees and jeans. Owen...well, he doesn't really have a style, yet!

  6. My daughter is a fashionista wanna be. she tries so hard, god bless her. the other week she had blue shorts on with purple stripey sock, that were not really knee highs or anything but darn it she was pulling them up as high as she possibly could. couple that with a tee shirt and a owl beanie, and there you have a classic outfit for my daughter. picked all by herself,, clearly.


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx