Sunday, March 11, 2012


Well, it's high time we got ourselves all fancy again. It's been like, since St Valentine came to town since I last was all dressed up.

It seems like forever ago.

Perhaps we can blame the fact I'm on holidays, or even perhaps the fact that we've spent our holidays holed up in our house and as sick as dogs. (Where did that saying come from? Just saying...)

The plan was to get out of the city on our three weeks' leave, and take the boat Elsewhere. Anywhere but here. I had dreams of more warm days. Fishing. Resting. Reading. Relaxing. Perhaps even some skiing. And some more relaxing.

But the weather went sour, not that I can complain. Melbourne treated us to a summer full of sunshine and warm weather. Not too many days that I can complain about. And definitely a bit better than our northern states.

We had been hoping for more sunshiny weather, but will have to accept that autumn is well and truly here and it's time to rug up more. We just didn't go on holidays early enough.

That's okay. I have enough Pollyanna in me to make the most of the holidays here in Melbourne and go local while we dilly-dally on our getaway decisions.

We have ourselves an awesome little village here. A main road full of second hand stores and cute little cafes. And so, sans children, I had a rare moment of time along. Shopping.

As you may or may not know, I'm not buying anything new this year. So the rules of shopping are this: it must not be new.

Riveting? But I'm sticking to the second hand stores and have been having lots of fun.

Like this top. I love this top. It's fresh, easy to wear, bright, and cost just $5.

It looks cute with my red espadrilles and flares, but also works with shorts, a short skirt... anything really.

I do have some other lovely things which I will show you in due course, but I'm loving that I've updated my wardrobe with a few things which are new to me for just a little tiny bit of money. Nothing like a cheap wardrobe pep up, huh?

Do you shop second hand, or only buy new? Could you buy nothing new for a year?

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Kymmie wears: TOP, Thrifted. JEANS, Gasp. ESPADRILLES, Neo (some Spanish brand). BRACELET, Gift.

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  1. Oh you're so cool & fun Kym. Love the shoes, so cute, who'd think to merchandise the shot with vegetables?? How glorious is the weather, finally, yay!! Love Posie

  2. That is such a fab top!

    I cannot believe you all got so sick for your holiday. That's so unfair!!! x

  3. Gorgeous outfit honey... That top looks like fun to wear too...and honestly I admire your challenge... I don't think I could buy nothing new for a whole year... Maybe a few months....but it would be tricky!!!

  4. I love buying second hair and stalking the op shops. I need to get out more and find some better second hand shops here in Brissie. Love the top and shoes. Gorgeous!

  5. I love your garden, especially in the sun of this weekend.

  6. Well you're certainly looking a whole lot better now Kymmie, you look absolutely stunning in this ensemble. Such beautiful photos, so bright and cheery and sunny. LOVE the top and those divine red shoes.
    So glad to see the return of fancy pants xo

  7. So nice, from head to toe. This is something I would like to wear myself! <3

  8. I was totally going to join you in this one, but I completely missed it!

    My plan was to Dress Like A Girl for a whole week, but it was Wednesday before I finally put something pretty on. Unfortunately that was also the day I went to jewellery class, at which the teacher said, "I forgot to tell you to bring smocks today. We're doing polishing. It's going to get messy."

    I'll try again next Fancy Pants to get all Op Shop Beautiful with you.


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Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx