Friday, March 02, 2012


Make pancakes.

Plan next week's menu.

Bottle some garden produce.

Update the family wall calendar. 

Pay some bills.

Clean out a drawer (or two).

 Prepare dinner with a friend.

I love days like this.

What are you planning to do today?


  1. Sounds like a great day...mine very average tried all morning to get Teenage daughter One Direction concert tickets...missed out, then my car radiator split...maybe tomz will be better :0

  2. oh that sounds like bliss - so organised with a touch of fun and little sensibility! i do feel good after a good clean out or update of the family diary! as for me, i've got my feet up after a big clean of the house - the in-laws are coming tomorrow so the house needs to be spick and span! hope all is fab in your world xx

  3. I'm planning on meeting a good friend for Happy Hour I haven't seen in a while :)

  4. What a perfect day. So productive, fun and YUMMY! Love your photos as always Kymmie. You have such an eye for photography xoxo

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  6. wow - you really got a thing or two done!! Nice work. For me it was a good to day be driving around. Ballet, birthday parties and a trip to hospital to visit a newborn. Love newborn cuddles :)

  7. Your day not only sound delightful but also days like that )


  8. You don't wanna know what I've been up to today. My head is spinning. I am hoping my days are much more like this from next week onwards.

    Menu planning and I need to become besties quick smart! x

  9. Meal planning!! You are so organised, I hope I can be like that one day.. I can plan nothing for the next while as we wait in limbo land except to maybe do more crochet- going to be in the waiting game indefinitely hoping for good ultra sound results and not going back to hospital.

  10. Love this post. Love the pictures and a little insight into what your day looks like. N x


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx