Monday, February 04, 2013


A lot can happen in a year. Just 365 days, and how it can feel so long ago, and yet it be just yesterday all at the same time.

Last week was a first for so many kids around Australia, not just in my little home. The first year of more beginnings - a new class, a new teacher, new friends, new surroundings, new things to learn.

In the last year Madison has learned to read, do is two and five times tables, can have a basic conversation in French, sing at least 15 new songs. He's discovered the joy of running, playing basketball, soccer, tennis. His swimming has finally clicked. He is confident, lost his cute chubby bits, and so much older.

He is taller. He sings songs I don't know (I'm thinking Gangham Style with the words slightly amended "Heeeey, chips 'n gravy... yum, yum, yum, yum, yum), plays oh so rough, and is such a boy.

When he looked at these photos, he noticed different things: "Mum, look at my long hair, my old backback and my surfing necklace. I miss it [because it broke]. Also, I loved those sneakers. They grew out of me."

This is life. And it's going by so quickly.

What changes have you noticed about your children in the past year?


  1. Gah, these blogs of ours bring it all so top of mind - the passage of time, the growing of up.

    I hope his year ahead is just as marvellous. x

    1. Know what is REALLY scary? That this boy has literally grown up on my blog! I started it when he was born and now he's in grade 1. Oh my stars. And yes, this year is going to be fabulous!

  2. Gorgeous pics! I'm looking forward to looking back after this year as both the older boys have had a big milestone with their schooling this year xx

  3. I love that his shoes grew out of him! So amazing. When you sum up a year's worth of growing and learning in a child it highlights how incredible we humans are huh? I hope he has another stellar year x

  4. wow he has grown so much.

  5. Your boys are not little boys anymore!! Oh my, they are little men!!

  6. Ooooh, adorable last year and handsome this year!

  7. Wow, how grown up does he look? It looks like two different children, and at first glance, I thought the last photos were of your youngest.

  8. bah! how much they change....look at him...all grown up and may i say, I see a teenage version of Maddy in that photo...the look....oh have fun this year xx


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