Thursday, February 21, 2013


It's true: I've been keeping something from the blogosphere.

It's not a bad something. In fact, it's very, very good (and just a wee bit exciting).

Last year, we were both due long service leave, but we didn't know what to do with it. We could have renovated our house (it's happening slowly), and we could have travelled the world (but the kids are too young). We were undecided, but knew that we didn't want to do nothing for three months either. We both would have died of boredom, and felt like it was an opportunity wasted.

Which meant that a whole year passed without us doing anything about it.

Last year we fell across an idea. (We have lots of ideas, but this one just stuck.) It was an investment in our future, one that we discovered we could afford in the long term. And it's something that should be a whole lot of work, and a heap of fun.

We purchased a beach cottage - an 1860s bluestone whaler's cottage to be exact. It's in the perfect location. The catch is, it's a renovator's dream and needs lots of love. Luckily we have time (and a few skills) for that.

We have been in the throws of planning, preparing, and purchasing building supplies. It's been mad, it's been busy, and most of all it's been exciting! We love seeing a dream becoming a reality.

So, in just under two weeks' time (!!!) we make a move near the sea for a little while.And we will be sharing it here, with you too. Because renovating sure is newsworthy around here!

Are you a renovator?


  1. squeeeee! fabulous honey! I do feel a little privileged that I got the scoop prior. It's such a wonderful, amazing journey! Oh have fun with the reno's - I can't wait to see the progress (and then book in a weekend at your fab cottage!) xx

  2. How Bloody Exciting. I love reading news like this. Enjoy, I'm so glad you are going to share it with us.

  3. I kind of gathered from IG that this was the case :)
    I think it's fabulous news Kymmie and I look forward to your reno adventures.

  4. Yay! What a wonderful thing to do - I'll be here, seeing what you start with and what you end up with! Congratulations on your new project!

  5. Now that is a tad exciting!! What a fabulous opportunity. Have fun, I look forward to following through your blog and IG :)

  6. Ahhhhhh, that is SO totally exciting Kymmie. Talk about a dream come true, it is exactly what I would love to do one day. I can't wait to follow you journey and see your lovely style come to life, in house form! Congratulations gorgeous, very happy for you.
    And how beautiful is your boy in that pic!! xoxo

  7. So exciting for you Kym. Can't wait to see all the beautiful things you will do to transform your new space. I will be living vicariously through you as this Is something I would love to do someday. Will definitely put Pory Fairy on our map as a bus stop as would love to see you and your house.

  8. This sounds so fantastic, congratulations to you all! Can't wait to see pix of your colours! xx

  9. Ah, sounds like my idea of perfect cottage, a dream infact, stone cottage by the sea. must be my cornish roots. although these days i promise myself no more renovations - i'll pay a contractor to do the whole lot, but no more everything falling apart as we go, no more half done badly done paint jobs.

    But, I'll take a stone whalers cottage (south coast vic??) anyday

  10. Ah. So delighted the cat's finally out of the bag, Kym. What a delicious adventure you're embarking on. Can't wait to see if all take shape! J x


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx