Saturday, February 23, 2013


You know those favourite articles of clothing that you love, but then forget about during winter while it's lying in the bottom of your drawer? Well, that is this dress. Bought for the large sum of $20, it was a favourite of mine, but hasn't been worn all summer until today.

Such a shame really, because it's flattering, doesn't need ironing (super bonus!), comfy and breezy on a very warm day. This might sound so very old fashioned, but it's a dress my husband likes to see on me. He has a thing for fitted dresses. "They suit you," he says.

Even my six year old even told me that he liked this dress today. So, I'm going with it, and am so glad I checked the bottom of my t-shirt pile.

And on a whole new topic: while I was having a sneaky snap, the boys got wind of what I was doing and decided to pop in right after their bath...


My lads aren't ashamed of streaking. No siree! (And not afraid of the camera either, mind you.) These photos were too cute not to share. Especially seeing their bits were covered up!

What article of clothing have you forgotten about? And do you have shameless streakers like I do? Please tell me, "yes".

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Kymmie wears:
DRESS, Ojay.
SANDALS, Target.
SUNNIES, Pharmore.
Madison wears: A towel.
Noah wears: His birthday suit.

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  1. Kymmie I LOVE this dress and I have two streakers!! I struggle to get clothes on them most days as they would prefer to roam around in knickers...or bare bottomed!!! Such gorgeous-ness though xx

  2. Slowly they have grown out of the streaking stage (I think the onset of teenagehood is the end).
    The dress looks FAB by the way.


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