Sunday, May 04, 2014


Winter is coming; whether we like it or not.

There's something in my head that knows winter can be the season to dread if you're not dressed for it properly. I can choose to embrace winter, or complain miserably about it for the next four months (or so). So, to remain Pollyanna-like, best I quit complaining pronto. Now is the time to practice layering for those beautiful days (and freezing mornings!).

The simplest way to rock a layered look is to have a collection of basics like singlets, long sleeved tops or tunics in white, black or grey, plus a great pair of warm black tights or jeans that fit you like a glove. If you're like me and live on a tight budget, you can find great basics at any op shop. What pops an outfit is how you accessorise those basics. Add a statement piece like a scarf, beanie or jacket (I call this my Offspring jacket because and because). Add some boots (either knee high, or ankle - both are awesome) and you're good to go.

Things I also can't live without during winter are a good pair of leather gloves (in black) and mountain socks (those really, really thick warm ones).

And can you guess by my my face who was my photographer today? "Mum, pull a funny face." It's up there with "CHEESE!" (and slightly better, don't you think?). Gotta love a four year old with a camera!

How do you layer?

Wearing: LEATHER JACKET, Lumier (2012). STRIPED TUNIC, Thrifted. LONG SLEEVED TEE, Thrifted. PONTE PANTS + ORANGE SINGLET, Witchery (2011). BEANIE, Sportsgirl (2012). BOOTS, Wittner (2011). SCARF, Pash (2013). EARRINGS, Port Fairy Markets (2013). LEATHER GLOVES, Aldi (2010).

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