Wednesday, May 21, 2014


(The suit and tie: It's totally awesome when your husband comes home from work to coordinate the party games, yes?)

I'm not sure I know too many five year olds who are into being a spy, but the youngest lad in this home is crazy for it. To the point of wanting this theme for his birthday party, and no other.

True story.

Not to be outdone by his brother who, two days later also had a spy party (a little bit more sophisticated for the eight year olds, I must admit), Noah and his little friends were able to diffuse bombs (pop black balloons), play spy statues (to James Bond and Mission Impossible Theme music), and solve their own mystery using hidden clues.

After finding the 'stolen' party bags, the junior spies enjoyed strawberry milk (all spies drink milk shaken not stirred, right?), Mission Impossible Pizza, Secret Agent Snacks, Spy Salsa and Sandwiches (hello Fairy Bread!), and Mystery Munch (bombs and bullets). The dairy free, egg free (but very tasty cupcakes) were loaded with bombs (chocolate Maltesers) and had to be eaten quickly before they exploded.

The party bags were hidden in a paper bag and contained essential energy, er bites, disguises, and pencil and paper to write down clues.

Coordinating a party for five year olds after planning so carefully an eight year old party (which was held just four days later) made me wish for the simplicity of a younger birthday party. Aren't kindergarten aged kids the easiest to please?

The morning of Noah's party, he woke up to the house full of black balloons and the kitchen all set up, and before his guests had even arrived, he said, "Mummy, thank you for making everything so nice for my party."

And that, folks, is all I need to want to start planning his next party in two years' time.

Do you love to plan a kids party? How do you party; keep it simple or fuss with The Works?

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