Sunday, January 16, 2011

fancy pants

Well, this is as dressy as it's ever going to get here at a day in the life of us. Because this week's Fancy Pants is brought to you by our ten year wedding anniversary.

Of course, I have a pair of wedges on (my favourite kind of shoes ever!), and this dress is more the sort of the urban hippie thing I love to wear. Plus, it's going to be something I will wear for years to come. It's a dress, a top, you can wear it with a belt, without, and accessorise the heck out of it! It's so versatile, comfortable and stretchy (gotta love jersy cotton). Also, it will pack in a suitcase like a dream. (I just wished I had it while I was pregnant - it would have been so comfortable!)

And this little bag? I bought this before I had the little lads at a market in Kuranda, north Queensland. It's so cute and hippie. And this is the first time (in over four years) I've been able to use a bag so small. No nappies, no wipes, no kids toys or drink bottles. Just lipstick, keys and my camera. Oh, to travel so light again!

Hubby looked so swish in his shirt, tie and skinny jeans. (And in case you're wondering, we're not the sort of couple where I lay the clothes out on the bed for him every day. Hubby dresses himself, buys for himself... everything.) He's a man of independence and immense style (and just one of the many reasons I love him so).

The evening was lovely. We talked, ate out in Carlton, talked, and ate ice cream while walking down Lygon Street. My choice? The mango tango, cream and choc ripple. Oh yummy!

It's your turn...

And remember, don't you be feeling like you need to get this dressed up. Just getting out of your tracky dacks is all that's required here. And to remind you how this works: below is where you put your photo. Yes, of you. Or your hubby, boyfriend, children and/or your best friend. The linky is up all week. Can't wait to see you all Fancy Pants!

Here's my button:
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And my American Inspiration:

Noah wears: SHORTS, Sprout (pre-loved by Madison, gift from mum). Daddy wears: SHIRT, Roger David. TIE, rdx. JEANS, Tarocash. SHOES, Aldo (bought in Dublin). Mummy wears: DRESS/TOP, Ishka (yes that hippy shop). WEDGES, Nine West (on sale!). HOOP EARRINGS, Target ($3!). BANGLES, Target (also $3!). CUFF, Jag.

And while I'm at it, Maxabella commented that I should go out more often than once a year with my hubby. It makes me wonder... how often do you get out with your partner - just the two of you?