Friday, January 07, 2011

the little things, they aren't little

I'm so often the centre of what happens in our family, I was delighted to sit back and just watch it all for a change.

In the middle of our Work Do held up north last week (organised, not attended), we had a quick escape. Just an hour. Just the four of us. No phones, no friends. I was bombed, starting to feel sick and run down. Our little lads were full of energy and needed to see some sea water. And besides, we promised.

So I sat and enjoyed the men in my life. It was awesome just to watch them run up and down the shore, giggle, laugh, splash in the water, learn to skip stones. Even climb a tree.

Of course, we did need to stop as work called us back. Grudgingly, we returned.

But it was like a stolen moment in time. These are the moments I treasure the most.

This post was rewound on 13 August 2011.