Thursday, January 27, 2011


*Warning: this post may be embarrasing for any male reading it because it includes the words boobs, breastfeeding and bras.

If there was a group I could join, I would. And here would be my confession:

My name is Kymmie and I stopped breastfeeding 8 months ago.

And yet, until just a couple of weeks ago, I still wore maternity bras.

What would the group be called? Lapsing Breastfeeders Anonymous? Comfort Zone Anonymous? Boobie Neglecters Anonymous?

Whatever it would be called, I've been sitting on this for far too long (more than four years, actually). And something had to be done. Thankfully I read this article at Mamamia about black holes in your wardrobe. I realised that anything in the smalls department was my black hole - bathers, pyjamas, underwear of any sort. I was suffering badly. And I had no excuse. Well, actually I had two: Big Lad M (4) and Little Lad N (1).

I originally thought I would wait until I was my 'ideal' weight before buying new underwear, but it was time. (And I don't know how long it will take to move those last few kilos.) So at Christmas time I splurged. I bought a non-maternity bra. And was even professionally fitted (um, how on earth did I get BIGGER?) And although it was a flesh coloured tshirt bra, I believe there was a happy dance as I left Myer lingerie department.

In fact, I was so excited, I told hubby about my new bra. And then he bought me lingerie for Christmas. For the first time ever. (My, isn't that brave of him?). Of course, during the the end of year sales, I visited these same stores, was re-fitted, re-sized and exchanged what I could (because most didn't fit right - damn different brand sizes). And with the fact that everything was on sale, I even came home with two extra pairs of pretty pyjamas and an extra bra). I felt incredibly fulfilled.

Not to mention pretty.

Shallow, you say? Probably. But when my neighbour came round to see our backyard work in progress and cubby house, I wasn't one bit embarrased about my knickers on the line. Because they were sexy and pretty, and new. No dodgy, holey smalls on my line anymore.

I confess the project wasn't the cheapest new thing I've done this year. But the rewards so far have been endless. I feel like a new me. And my confidence is shining from the inside out.

What did you try new this week? And when was the last time you upgraded your smalls?
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