Thursday, January 13, 2011


We've renovated quite a few houses in our time, but never a cubby house. And for the last two weeks, that's what we've done. We were given the cubby by my in-law's neighbour. It's been sanded, primed, painted, and re-roofed, complete with painted floorboards and an extended roof which covers a sand pit. It's even in the same colours as our house. It's not quite finished yet, as there's still some paving to do around the sand pit (to keep the sand in), but we're almost there.

Apart from getting this ready for the kids, what else we've done differently is not stay behind when Daddy goes and buys the cubby parts from Bunnings, the sand from the garden suppliers and the bricks from the second hand yard. We've all gone with him to enjoy the ride. And it's been lots of fun doing everything together.

Apart from the fact that our home now resembles a beach house (lots of sand, but without the beach, hello?), the boys are thrilled with their new little backyard home.

Hubby noted, "There's people in the world [and in Queensland] who don't even have a house that's as nice as this cubby". And on one ungrateful day (which I know will happen in the very near future), the boys will hear this too.

What about you? What have you tried new this week? All you have to do is follow a day in the life of us, blog about it, and link up below.

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