Saturday, January 22, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for... health & the human spirit

Saturdays are the days where our household stops. No TV, no hyper stimulation. Time to spend time together and just be. And because it's our day of rest, there's time to reflect on the six past days and remember all the things I'm grateful for...
  1. Health. This week I've listened to my body and rested (and rested). I'm not ever going to take my health for granted ever again.
  2. The human spirit. Nothing is more inspiring or empowering than the human spirit. Or encouraging either.
  3. My family and friends. This week, my family (and friends) gathered round and took turns looking after the little lads while I was flat on my back. Thank you Mum, Dad, Hubby, Ange and so many others who supported me this week (including my lovely blog friends!). I am forever thankful.
Happy Grateful Day.