Sunday, January 23, 2011

fancy pants

It's a laid back Fancy Pants this week, as I've barely gotten out of my jammies. I saved you looking at me in my bedroom attire and put something on equally as comfortable - this tshirt dress. And this year, I promised to spend more time lounging on this park bench hubby bought for me at our first Christmas in this home. And I have. Pondering life in the midday sun thinking about how wonderful my hubby is to make our backyard look so majestic.

Is it just me, or do these thongs look exactly like a pair that Gisele Bundchen sells? Well, these were about a third of the price from BigW. And just as cute!

And the print on this dress is so simple, yet so fabulous. It's my favourite lay-about dress. But good to wear out in public too. To the beach, to the pool, out to the shops. Anywhere really. At first, I thought I didn't like this colour as it reminded me of my royal blue school jumper, but as it turns out this kind of blue really pops.

It's your turn...

And remember, getting out of your tracky dacks is all that's required here. And to remind you how this works: below is where you put your photo. Yes, of you. Or your hubby, boyfriend, children and/or your best friend. The linky is up all week. Can't wait to see you all Fancy Pants! 

And I thought I'd add that my little boy Noah is pretty awesome too. Although during this week, I've felt he's had a little too much energy. Exhausting for me. But still, I love him to absolute pieces.

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And my American Inspiration:

Noah wears: SHIRT, Sprout (pre-loved by Madison, gift from mum). Mummy wears: TSHIRT DRESS, Lily Whyte ($20!). THONGS, BigW (on sale!). BANGLES, Target ($3!).

And how do you rest when your sick, tired and burnt out?