Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Face painting is awesome. Especially when you want to be Batman.

With glitter.

And it's a cool concept to want to keep it on for as long as possible. No baths, no face cleaning of any sort.

But it wears thin when it rubs onto your clothes, marks your bed sheets and stains your skin. And on the third day, it really doesn't look like anything like it did when it was first done.

So, how to get it off? With makeup remover, of course (if only that worked). Face cream (nope). Baby oil (now we're talking).

And it doesn't quite come off. And so it looks like you've been wearing Mummy's make up over the weekend.

Poor boy. Not so cool now, huh?

(But it does make me wonder if Batman has the same trouble.)

Have you tried some new this week? It might be as simple as removing face paint, or trying a new recipe (even if it didn't work).

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  1. Oh dear that doesn't sound good. Thinking about it now I don't think any of our children have ever had their faces painted except when doing Kapa Haka (maori dance) is it that we missed out on such a popular childhood act?

  2. LOL. Oh dear! My 3yo is going through a stage where he comes home from daycare with stamps on his forehead rather than hand each and every day. Not so great when we had a family photo shoot planned for last Saturday and he had about 5 stamps across his forehead on Friday afternoon - both red and green, and the green refused to come off! We managed to get it off with their bath gel applied directly to his face with a washer - concentrated! Nothing else worked - not even make up remover. Would hate to see what would happen with face paints in our house!

  3. Oh Batman with glitter is my superhero! I hope you get the rest of it off soon!

  4. aww..i hope that paint comes off soon :( ... & thanks for stopping by the blog dear! i won't be disposing of the old one persay, it will still be up..but I won't be blogging on it anymore. only @ the new blog :)
    ps... face paint or not..your little handsome fella still looks so adorable! <3

  5. Oh too cute, a totally tough batman with glitter. Love Posie

  6. We had our first face paint experience a few weeks ago, and my poor little girl looked jaundiced, with the remains of yellow face paint on her. I now detest the stuff!

  7. Black facepaint is my nemesis! One Pirate party Goose went to, they painted eyepatches on the kids and didn't come off her for a day or so - particularly on her blonde eyebrows. It never came off the white shirt!! It's happened twice since that she's ruined clothes - the kid LOVES getting her facepainted!

  8. Oh dear that sounds like serious face paint. My gilrs always loved face paint but it came off same day in the bath. Once it was smeared, they were happy to lose it.
    If you are face painting yourself, always apply face cream first (like the pros) so that removal is easier.
    got to love a boy who loves bling!

  9. I tried something new just then! i was standing over the kettle wanting something to drink but the thought of another coffee made me twitch. then i remembered! there was something about cinnamon and water on thetruthaboutmummy blog. Ta Dah Thank you for the great tip cinnamon & honey in hot water is lovely!


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