Thursday, September 01, 2011

giveaways, winning + pretty things

When a parcel arrives in the mail addressed to you, how do you react? Do you open it up like a child who has to open it NOW, or you do you savour the moment and make it wait for the right time?

This afternoon I special delivery arrived at my doorstep, and I didn't want to wait.

Because I knew what was inside.

Pretty things.

Thanks to one of my favourite bloggers, Shh... it's Lizeylou. She had her very first giveaway which I WON (what are the chances?)! I was so thrilled because I'd already peeked at Eb & Ive's Facebook page, which led me to their website, which had me falling in love with their lovely bits.

They say that first impressions are lasting:

And inside:

A linen camel bag, a pretty scarf, a funky BIG ring, a gorgeous necklace, earrings to die for, AND some pretty hair clips.

Did I mention they were pretty already?

And because I'd leaned towards the mad, frantic opening which had to be done straight away (as I oohed and aahed), I transferred all my junk to my new handbag, whipped on the earrings, the necklace, and proceeded to show them off to my neighbour as I raced out the door to the next lot of errands.

And I may or may not show them off a little more on Sunday when we get all Fancy Pants round here.

But I really wanted to say was a BIG thank you to Lizeylou for her awesome giveaway, and to Eb & Ive for making the prettiest things.

Have you ever won a giveaway? Were you chuffed to the core?


  1. Oooh that was a GOOD giveaway - I wanted it! I do hve one of those scarves already so I really can't be greedy can I? Enjoy YOU pretty little thing x

  2. You do know that that giveaway was made for you don't you? It was the perfect Kymmie giveaway and I am glad you won it.

    I tend to saviour opening up parcels...drawing out the suspence for as long as I can handle :)

  3. Super cute earrings! I am so going to check out that site. BTW I'm a ripper, can't wait got to tear open a package!

    B xx

  4. Ooh I LOVE those earrings! Might have to go and check the store out. :)

    I like to savour packages. When I walk in the door of an afternoon/evening I have the two kids racing around underfoot and no husband for at least an hour and a half. So putting the package aside while we deal with dinner, bath and bed routine then gives me something for 'me' when the kids are tucked away in bed.

    And I recently won a giveaway for some hair products and was so excited when they arrived - loved trying new things. Sadly I haven't won any of the other comps I've entered, but I keep trying!

  5. Gorgeous! The bling AND you xx

  6. Yay for you! Stylish and fabulous! I won Ink and Quill handmade's giveaway and it arrived today. It made me feel wonderful! Gorgeous goodies (and a fantastic doll to put away for the Minx's birthday). Love, love, love. So happy for you Kymmie x

  7. Gorgeous! I think we all wanted to win that giveaway!
    Eb&Ive are FABULOUS... as are you! xxx

  8. Oh they look lovely on you... love Eb & Ive things xx


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx