Saturday, August 27, 2011


No Fancy Pants for two weeks. TWO WEEKS.

Shocking. Mostly because I've been very rarely fancy (thanks to our kitchen renovation) and on the rare occasion I did dress up, there wasn't time to pull out the ironing board. Not to iron. Goodness, no. For the 'photo shoot'. Because I still haven't purchased that tripod I promised myself so very long ago.

Turns out I decided that a dishwasher was far more important than my tripod. (For now, anyway. )

So, instead of leaving you the image of me dragging out my ironing board to our backyard in my heels, let me tell you about this sleeveless dress. My husband's best friend got married two years ago and I bought this dress for his Big Day. It was originally $280, and was on sale by the time I found it. On that particular day, Myer had a half price sale on top of the first discount. By the time I added a Myer gift voucher to it, the dress cost me $40. Gotta love a bargain!

And although it's almost the end of winter, I've only just discovered that this summery little number could have been worn quite warmly all winter. It's made me re-shop my wardrobe all over again.

And see these heels? I had mentioned some time back that they were unfit for wearing. But after an attempt to pass them onto my stylish fairy step daughter, she suggested that I have them stretched. So I did. And gone are the days where I wince when I wear them. I do admit they're still not a heel I could wear all day, but still, at least they're wearable!

So, if you're dying to link up... here's your chance! (Because who knows if I can ever be seen to be reliable ever again!)

Did you get a chance to snap a fancy pants shot this weekend?

Kymmie wears: BLAZER, Ojay. DRESS, Wayne By Wayne Cooper. WOOD AND LEATHER HEELS, Betts. NECKLACE, Koolaman Designs (this has my children's name engraved on it, close up here). RING, Diva ($3!).

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  1. I have been dying to link up... but I think I need to feel fancy enough to take a photo first....

  2. I am thinking I need to start linking up my diva mum blog posts to your fancy pants posts. I just need to get a little braver and to take a full length shot. Eeekk! scary!! You are looking totally divine my friend. Awesome bargain. N x

  3. I love when I find something in my closet that I thought was done or that I was once sick of....and then it gets a new life :).

  4. I love it Kym!!!! You look amazing, please post more :-)

  5. Damn, I was fancy pants last night and didn't even think to take a photo. It doesn't happen very often either. Next time my friend, next time . . .

  6. Lookin' good, lovely! Love the dress.

  7. Those heels are S E X Y and that photo of you smiling - HOT, HOT, HOT!!

  8. Ooo I wondered if it was a Wayne Cooper dress Kymmie... and sure enough! Gorgeous, love the whole outfit. And I LOVE those bargains you can get from MYER, with the sales and added discounts and MYER One shopping vouchers... I always feel so clever and happy when I walk away with a deal like that :o)
    And Wayne Cooper's dresses, oh my, they're just something else xo

  9. Love your dress..actually love your look as always :)

  10. Fab look, as always. I love the shot of the heels. Aside from your writing and your pictures, I'm also a big fan of how you frame your shots. This makes up for the two-week absence (and I noticed!). Will definitely join when all the work I am currently buried in dissipates. Have a wonderful day.

  11. Your looking super hot Kim! Awesome outfit.

    I've been wanting to purchase a tripod too.


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