Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hello! Look who decided to brave the other side of the camera again?

Spring is here in all its glory and I'm excited! I've been getting out any colour other than black and wearing it with bold courage.

Because it was my birthday recently, I thought I could splurge on a new top or two for spring. Turns out I haven't bought anything since the beginning of autumn. It's been a conscious effort, and I'm so proud of myself. In the meantime, I've been making the most of what I have and mixing it to death.

Before children (and when the cash flow was slightly better), I found myself purchasing clothes more frequently, but ever since we've had the two little lads (and lived in some pretty isolated places), I found that I buy a few things in one shopping sitting, and then don't shop again for ages.

Kind of like my husband when I think about it. He won't buy anything for six months, then purchase all of his winter gear in one hit, and when the weather gets warmer, another hit.

Sometimes I put on an outfit and think to myself how long I've been wearing those items, and still can because they've been timeless. Like the necklace I'm wearing. It's six years old. The cutoffs (that use to be jeans). They're four years old. The sunnies? Seven years old.

One word: smug.

When was the last time you bought some clothes? Do you ebb and flow like me, or trickle your purchases throughout the year?

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Kymmie wears: TEE, Witchery. CUT-OFF JEANS, JeansWest. WEDGES, Witchery. BANGLE, Go-Lo. WOODEN NECKLACE, Just Jeans. SUNGLASSES, Portmans. BAG, Eb & Ive.

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  1. I'm a random shopper bit here bit there. Those odd times I set out on a mission with money in my pocket I'm certain not to find a thing.

  2. i actually bought a top to attend Guvs 10 year dinner at work - first thing i've bought for awhile and the MOST expensive thing i've bought in awhile - $90, for a top! i almost didn't buy it.

    you're looking gorgeous as always!


  3. I buy throughout the year but try to buy at sale prices if i can. I like the neutral accessories with the green!

  4. Lovely. You and that gorgeous garden behind you! Is it your backyard? It's beautiful!!

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  6. Haha, love it Kymmie! You deserve to be smug, looking great in your fun and flirty Summer attire. Loving the green top teamed with the denim cut offs. Gorgeous! So good to see a fancy pants post again :o) xo

  7. Ooh, me likes those denim cutoffs very much and as for that tee, perfecto!

  8. Trickle and flow girl me....The last thing I bought was maternity stuff online from Gap and Asos. And recently tossed/gave away two garbage bags full. I regularly wear stuff from years ago (when it fits

  9. You look gorgeous - green really suits you xo

    I'm not a big clothes shopper...only buy things when I need them! I went the entire winter without buy one item of clothing for myself.

  10. Hey Gorgeous!

    My fingers are crossed that today I may be able to add a few items to my summer wardrobe.
    I'm a 'see-it-and-grab-it' kind of gal as I'm not a fan of shopping in general [please don't judge me on that!].

    Happy day Lovely - you're rocking yet another great look in these snaps.

  11. PS: I'd have to say that your glittering smile is your very best accessory - timeless and priceless = what a great combo!~

  12. You're rocking the cutoffs, lovely lady <3 I'm not much of a shopper because I rarely go to the mall. That said, when I spot something I really, really like on my occasional trips to the mall I buy it right away. Hehe.

  13. I hardly ever buy anything. I like the things I own and like wearing them. I only buy things I truly love.

  14. You look gorgeous in green Kymmie!!

    I am actually doing my annual shopping trip this Sunday. One of my besties and I are going together (we do it every year) and we shop all day being totally honest with each other about what looks good and what doesnt. Its so much fun - fingers crossed we find some great things!!

  15. look at you spunk!!! Lovn' that look and whooo hoo that it's all so smuggly not new! who would have thunk it?? I'm a tad sporadic in my shopping, but that's what comes with being a mumma to young kids...who has time to go into a change room these days?? So i grab what I can, i buy on line, or I make something for all just tends to balance out in the end!!

    ps - I'm a terrible fancy pants-er i know....I promise to try and link up soon xx

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Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx