Thursday, October 20, 2011


It's been awfully quiet here, hasn't it?

It seems like just yesterday when I had Oodles Of Time To Blog to Absolutely No Time At All.

Perhaps it's because of the extra day I'm doing in the office... putting the kids into day care for the first time... breaking the camera (no photos), buying a new one (too many photos)...

 ... sorting out this no sugar eating thing... toilet training...

... spring cleaning ... de-cluttering ... playing dress ups...

 ... jumping on the bed...

... and enjoying these moments...

Seems all is good in our little world.

Thanks for asking.


  1. Love it! Right there with you friend, finding time to spend with my blog has become so much harder lately. Don't worry, we'll all be here when you're done smooching on those adorable kiddos of yours

  2. Hi Kymmie..these are such happy candid photos! Life never stops still does it? Whether it's slower or busier, however little or more time you have for your blog..we appreciate you popping in to say hi..however occasionally.

  3. Oh Kymmie, I HAVE missed you, but totally understand the enormity of life and everything in it. Something always needs to take a back seat. It's so nice to see a post from you in saying that. LOVE all of these pics of your adorable boys. So pleased to hear all is good in your neck of the woods though. You know we'll always be here whenever you get the time or urge to share, that is the beauty of blogging :o) xo

  4. Those are all perfectly, wonderfully and utterly good reasons for neglecting your lovely blog. :)

  5. Of course you don't have time to are busy enjoying life and those deliciously gorgeous boys of yours :)
    Have missed you though.


  6. Funny, I feel the same lately. I've pulled back from blogging, and life feels fuller somehow.
    These are such gorgeous, candid photos of your little men. So glad to hear life is ticking along so nicely for you.

  7. Such wonderful pics of the little things in a day that we don't always get time to see or appreciate. If only there was another you, just imagine it. Beautiful boys too!!

  8. Cutest pics! Looks like lots of fun is being had :)

  9. Hey Gorgeous!

    Thank you for these pics of happiness - true gifts.

    xx's to you lovely friend.

  10. GREAT bed jump photo!

    I'm the same right now. How did I used to fit blogging in with everything else again? I'm sure it will come to me... x

  11. Great photos, breaking the camera wasn't so bad!!

  12. Those photos are fabulous. Especially the bouncing on the bed one!
    Hearing you on the busyness of life!

  13. oh yes, honey you and me are on the same page at the did i get so busy... so busy i'm not crafting, baking and even scheduling play time with the kids got left behind somewhere.....i'm trying to rein it all in and get back to blogging, mothering and the stuff i love. lovely pics of those gorgeous lads in their jocks! love to you all xx


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx