Thursday, October 27, 2011


You don't mean to, but before your baby bump is swelling and you're still in the blissful state of nausea and fatigue, you make promises of how motherhood is going to be for you.

For me, I was never going to lose my cool, never raise my voice, always be considerate of my child's feelings, be patient and kind, and keep the house perfect.

Dreams, really.

Then there are other things you say you'll never do, then find yourself doing them. And saying things like, "I'm never going to put those ugly Crocs on my children's feet. Ever!"

But when the imitations look as good as the real thing and you find them for just $1.99 at Aldi, you might think that they're a good idea.

Besides, they're so easy to put on after years of doing up slippery shoelaces and sandle buckles. And they're light, waterproof, easier to walk in than thongs, and the lads love them.

What can I say?

(Okay then, I might actually learn to like them. )

Have you tried something new this week? It might be as major as eating your words, or as small as changing the route on your morning walk.

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  1. I've "failed" in all my motherhood goals so far.... cloth nappies, breast feeding, home cooked dinners, singing nursery rhymes and playing games... and I've only just passed year one!! LOL

    (and yes I know I haven't "failed" as a mother, as you said, Dreams really)

  2. This is just sooo funny, Kymmie. I've eaten a lot of my words because of motherhood, too.

  3. Too funny! I'm not a crocs fan either, but I must admit your boys make them look kinda cool...

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  5. Yep, I did the same..... Sapphire wore the same pair for nearly two years so I got my money's worth!

    Thankfully I don't see many adults apart from chefs and nurses wearing them, but kids still love them. Or their parents do.

  6. OH no!! you didnt!! (insert a shaking head here) what happened to the Fashionista Kymmie guess i can't blame your for $1.99.

  7. LOL Kymmie... crocs aren't so bad :-)

  8. Kymmie, what a delightful post. Your boys look so cool and comfy in their "crocs"... and so cute as always too!
    I know exactly what you mean about swallowing those words... I could smack myself for pontificating all those years ago about the kind of Mama I was going to be. Naive fool I was ;o) xo

  9. I'm mad for Crocs,are you kidding? They're the perfect kid shoe.

    NOT a fan of the chunky ones on adults, but I do like my little mary janes... x

  10. I've been doing relief teaching in a local Prep and one of the most genius things I've seen is an outdoor trolley where the kids can take off their shoes and slip on a pair of Crocs to play outside. Because there's a big sandpit they invariably slip off and there's no hassle with sand coming into the classroom.

    Yes they're clunky, chunky and altogether ugly, but man alive do they make life easier!


  11. omg - i was so the same....all those dreams!!! but I too couldn't resist the little imitation crocs that I got the kids in Cotton On for about the same price as your kids love em, but i will vow never ever to wear Crocs!!! xx


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