Thursday, June 07, 2012


It's been six months since I took on the Buy Nothing New (BNN) challenge. It's been great. It's been something that I think about on a regular basis. It's been something that I'm so glad I did.

It does mean sacrifices though.

Like my gym membership. I said goodbye to my daily workouts in May after much deliberation. And like many of the decisions I torture myself with for far too long, turns out I can exercise just as well without spending $75 per month. How surprising is that?

I'm up and at it at 6:15am. The perk is that if my husband is away, I still can exercise. Because I head out the back door and can hear the lads if they're stirring. I'm thankful to Pinterest and all those clever people who write up programs that I can do in the luxury of my own back yard. Oh, and did I mention that I don't have to do my hair or brush my teeth? I don't have to moisturize or care what I look like? Because nobody can see me in my own backyard.

Plus, the lads think it's funny when they watch me plank on a random bit of furniture (didn't you know that's one awesome exercise for your inner-core strength? Yes, it is!). They attempt push ups and squats. Makes me think I should have done this a long time ago. Never mind, I'm doing it now. And I'm grateful to BNN for even considering that I could exercise for free.

Another big BNN moment was the lads' birthdays recently. We hosted a pirate party. And while I relish in second hand shops, they're a real nuisance when you have something in particular you want to find. Like a vest. Or stripey pants. Or a striped scarf. Or pajamas. (Yes, I'm particular sometimes.) And yes, they were hard to find. But find I did - well, mostly. But the vest and jammies, I just couldn't find - no matter how hard I looked. Turns out they're a bit popular or a scarcity at second hand shops. So, I bought a vest. And pajamas. New. Yes, I know. I could kick myself. But I needed that vest for the pirate party. (And now we have a lovely vest for the next three years since I bought it in size 8.) And I just couldn't handle seeing my six year old in summer pajamas any longer. It was just too cold.

We did go great guns for the boys' party, but I did buy plastic plates and pirate patches. The budget was well and truly under as we did old fashioned games that required minimal purchases. And we have a whole bunch of memories which cost us very little (Pirate Party post here).

And others have caught the BNN bug. Like my friend Renate who is BNN for a whole month, and one of my oldest friends who is going the whole of 2013 without BNN! So proud of you two girls! The thing that I'm finding is that is' quite easy not to spend money, once you set your mind. Cheering you on, because it really isn't that hard.

Otherwise, we're going gung ho and I've purchased some great finds at the op shops. Must share with you in a Fancy Pants post. Must get my camera back out of retirement for some entertaining shots.

If you are buying nothing new, how are you going? Would you consider BNN for a month like my friends Renate or Kellie?

Thanks so much for popping in.


  1. Sounds like it is really challenging you to think and find alternatives! Love that. Hey you could've sewn your own vest and pjs for the boys with fabric bought at op shops... hehe, but meh, sometimes it just isn't an option.
    half way there, you're doing great. :)

  2. Super proud of you making it this far Kym. I think you can be forgiven for purchasing a few new items :)


  3. I would like to think I could, but I am not sure if I would buy so much in the days before the month started that I would ruin it.

    I think you are doing an amazing job of this.


  4. You're an inspiration, Kym. I've been a more regular frequenter of flea markets and second hand shops, but did buy a new pair of jeans last month. I had to - the other ones were ripping in a spot that no-one needed to see!

  5. I try to buy second hand every year or so... and I never where what I buy.
    I'm officially a snob!

  6. You know that I am your fan for a whole lot of things. This BNN challenge and your firm resolve to it makes me admire you even more.

    Hugs from Manila, Kymmie <3


  7. You know that I am your fan for a whole lot of things. This BNN challenge and your firm resolve to it makes me admire you even more.

    Hugs from Manila, Kymmie <3


  8. Ah, you're wonderful Kymmie. I am very proud of your efforts thus far... I wouldn't even count the vest and other negligible purchases... you're doing great!
    So funny about the planking, as when Felix is throwing a tanty, he lays flat on his stomach, with arms by his side and we always say "there he goes, planking again!" Haha, no wonder your boys are enjoying your home exercise routine, very entertaining.
    Look forward to reading about the pirate party.
    And yes, get snapping, missing your picture posts xo

  9. I have a question - nothing new that means no gifts for peoples bday? But I can still buy needed things for the home - like groceries and paper towels? I am thinking the point is no clothes, no dvd's, no materialistic items?

  10. So good to watch you through this process. It is a life changing experience Kymmie. You will have to share some links to the backyard gym routine - I reckon I could do with some planks in my life. Keep up the great work and the reflection on it. You are an inspiration x

    PS Happy birthday to the (big) little man. Can't wait to see all the piratey goodness x

  11. This is such a neat idea and I had to borrow it. Jamie was more than supportive, let me say that!

    Groceries is out of the question, that's a fact! I need good food and this is where I won't skimp. I might even indulge in some tasty treats every now and then seeing as I am not buying anything else....

    And talk about the lads pj's, thats a necessity and it does not count! Neither should presents for other people. I mean little people! Big people really enjoy home made things, like a stack of my cards, a birthday calendar or a cake (or two :-) ), but I highly doubt a little monkey would look at my cards quite the same way!

    Way to go Kym, truly inspired and so proud of you to have made it thus far! CHEERING you on for the rest of the year! And by then you will have saved so much money you can give yourself a family holiday as a reward! :-)

  12. I like this idea. I'm going to record how long I can go without buying something new. Just this week I went shopping in my wardrobe... and rediscovered my black fitted jacket, and my denimum jacket (you inspired me to get that one out!) I now have a couple of "new" outfits without buying anything new. :)

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Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx