Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So we all know that red and animal print goes awesome, yes?

Well it does. And in my humble opinion, they're made for each other.

So, you don't need to add much when working the leopard. Except perhaps a flower or cosy neutral top (you know my love for neutrals!)

But perfect defined would be a pair of animal print wedges. Like these.

Have you tried animal print with red? Do you own anything animal print?

More red jeans looks here and here.

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  1. I don't own a single animal print - being a scone-faced whitey with legs paler than fluoro tubes, it just doesn't work.

    On you, however it does, as do the red jeans.

  2. I agree, red and animal print work wickedly together. I wear my red skinny leg jeans with a leopard print scarf. Love my red jeans...

  3. looking beautiful as always Kymmie! I think I might have to try red jeans one day!

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  5. hmm posted my comment twice somehow! happening to me a lot today lol x

  6. No touches of animal in my wardrobe either, but I do love those wedges :-) x

  7. I like it , being that red is my favorite color. The camera does love you!

  8. Oh you're a gorgeous gal Kymmie, LOVE this ensemble and the animal print wedges just set those red jeans off beautifully! I have worn zebra print flats with my red jeans before... but I am really liking the leopard print look. I don't have anything in that print, so I'll be on the look out now. Thank you so much for all these great tips for my red jeans, you SHOULD be a stylist my friend xo

  9. You look so pretty, will you marry me? send free text messages at textme4free.com

  10. i think you should give me that coat dear...... ;)

  11. Red and animal prints were made for each other! I always wear my leopard shirt with my red denim. These shoes are really cute!



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