Wednesday, June 06, 2012



My husband asked me late last night, "Anything planned for tomorrow?"

"Nothing planned..."

Up at six for some meditative reading and exercise, wake up the kids, unpack the dishwasher, make porridge, argue over the goodness of the porridge, make alternative breakfast as well. Pack lunch. Brush kids' teeth, brush kids' hair, dress toddler, walk to school, walk home minus one child, back to school because we forgot the library book and show and tell, back home after second school run. Clean the bathroom, get myself clean, do three loads of washing, clean up the breakfast dishes. Finish advertisement for magazine, read director's manual for school holiday program, book kids swimming intensive program for the holidays, hug toddler, play with toddler, make banana cake, drop off friend's pram, pay bills, ice cake, clean out a cupboard, house evaluation. Pick up child from school, take kids to podiatrist, come home, fold washing, put it away, help with homework, make dinner, put kids in bath, set table, finish dinner preparations, take kids out of bath and oversee dressing. Serve dinner, eat, clean up. Read to kids, share the highlights and lowlights of the day, pray with them, kiss them goodnight. Spend time with husband, talk, plan, share. Brush teeth, clean face, put on pyjamas, unwind, read a book, go to sleep.

"... just the usual," I replied.

What do you do on a day when nothing is 'planned'?


  1. The schedule of my 'nothing planned' days look very similar to yours Kym...all the usual day to day chores that keep the flow of our home ticking over :)

  2. hahaha! oh stay at home mothers sure do have a relaxed life hey! My days mirror yours and then sometimes....after dinner i drive to work and do a night shift on top of that too....just another ordinary day - no wonder you radiate positivity and optimism honey...i think it's what attitude you have that lets you make the most of every day! xx

  3. Yep, apart from wrangling two smaller kids (my girl is thirteen now), I hear you!

  4. Oh Kymmie, you made me feel really tired reading this post... but it's a great one! I love when we actually write down what we do in an average day... kinda makes you feel a bit of a wonder woman doesn't it?? Well, you are!

  5. It is very very hard to actually do nothing!

  6. Well my day will be shower, feed the dog, iron, dress up, walk to work, translate, check some post as my page (, update my self, get home spend time with family and that will be my day pretty funny hey.


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx