Thursday, May 30, 2013


We are home.

And there's nothing more amazing than walking through your front door after six weeks' away renovating. Perhaps a little perspective has helped, but coming home to a clean(ish), not dust-filled house, with a kitchen that is absolutely huge... It all just made me so very happy.

While we've been home for almost three weeks from our long service leave and renovating our beach cottage in Port Fairy, it was a long time before I was able to have a day at home with no errands to run. A whole day at home besides school drop offs and pick ups.

My newly-turned-four-year-old Noah, my Friday daughter Zoe, and I cooked up a storm. We made choc chip cookies (from Donna Hay's fresh and light), giant ANZAC biscuits, fruity power bars, and apple almond + cranberry bread. We even roasted almonds.

We cleaned out cupboards, sorted through all the toys, collected up rubbish that's been cluttering up the house, and rearranged rooms. It's kind of like nesting without a baby due. The most cleansing thing you can do for your space and mind.

There's been new couch covers and rearranging of pillows in the living room, the purchase of new flannelette sheets for our bedroom (so cozy!) and other small additions, to make us ready for winter, and settled again until our next bracket of leave/renovating.

 How do you settle back into your home after some time away?

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