Sunday, May 12, 2013


There is nothing more fresh than the colours of citrus. I love the blend of oranges, neutrals, and whites. I think the combination is almost good enough to eat.

Speaking of eating, I've eaten my way through Mother's Day weekend starting with Food Club (pictures here on Tuesday), a friend's surprise 40th at Billy Goat Hill Brasserie (see instagram for the amazing food!), plus breakfast in bed this morning made by my favourite men. Oh yes, I'll be on rations for the rest of the week to make up for it all. Oh, and did I mention that I'll be eating my way through next weekend too? On Friday afternoon, I fly to Adelaide for my school reunion on Saturday night, Sunday morning 5km fun run (which will make me hungry), brunch with friends, and afternoon tea with family before flying back to Melbourne. So you can see why the rations, right?

To all present, past, wannabe and future mums, foster mums, step mums, and full time dads who are mums too - Happy Mothers Days! How did you spend this weekend?

SINGLET + KNIT, Witchery.
SKIRT, Thrifted.
BAG, Eb & Ive.
PERSONALISED RING SET, c/o Small Business Mum (these rings are DIVINE!).

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