Friday, May 24, 2013


How does a weekend sans children and husband sound? How about a weekend put aside just to socialise, catch up with some of your favourite people, and even finish conversations? For me, last weekend was all these things.

It was my very first school reunion. It's been twenty-something years since I finished Year 12 in Adelaide, and my dearest friend Kellie (who is such a goer - pictured above, left) decided enough was enough, went and organised it.

Since the reunion date was announced, the anticipation was ridiculous. I couldn't wait to see my old friends without spiral perms, mullets and verandah fringes (would I even recognise them without the 80s paraphernalia?). I was dying to know how they had spent the nineties and noughties. So much to learn and discover, to mull over and discuss.

School reunions have a way of doing that. Take you back to a time when socialising, and exams were the biggest problems in your life. No mortgage, no job, no debts, no commitments. Ah, those were the days, right?

And then there's the fear. How much have I changed? How much am I the same? If I'm the same/different, is that a good thing?

And the wardrobe. What do I wear?

Our school reunion facebook page was a refuge in those last few days leading up to the reunion. A friend asked what the dress code was, and thank goodness she did, because I had no idea! It became an issue sitting in the back of my mind until the week beforehand. It was a relief to know I wasn't the only one!

Two days before the reunion, I had to head out of town for work. There I discovered the most amazing little boutique called Rike Design. It was perfect and had exactly what I was looking for. Some quirky items, and lots of variety. Who would have thought they would have stocked at least 13 different sequined tops? After a short visit to the shop, I was prepared!

The reunion was amazing. We are all still buzzing from the excitement, and have already decided that even one more year will be too long to meet again. The date has been set for next year.

What is it about our school reunion that made it so fantastic? Was it catching up with old friends, starting each sentence with "Remember when...?", or was it just feeling 17 again?

Have you had a school reunion yet? How was it, and what did you wear?

Kymmie wears (on the day of the reunion): JACKET, SINGLET + LONG SLEEVED TOP, Thrifted. SKIRT + SCARF WRAP, Rike Design. PONTE PANTS, Witchery. BOOTS, Wittner. PERSONALISED RING SET, Gift from Small Business Mum (these rings are DIVINE!). COCKTAIL RING + NECKLACE, Diva. Kymmie wears (reunion night): SEQUINED SINGLET + LEATHER JACKET, Rike Design. JEANS, Gasp. BOOTIES, Miss Shop.

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