Tuesday, October 01, 2013


How better to celebrate September than to finish it with a birthday? Not just any birthday, but a birthday filled with love and some of my very favourite people. It was a weekend to remember. I've also found an amazing little Mediterranean cafe restaurant that I will have to visit again for a lad date so you can experience vicariously through us, or just get yourself to Port Fairy pronto to visit!

Speaking of Lad Dates, this month we visited two very lovely places. The Hub, and The Firehouse. Both some of my favourite places, and worth visiting again and again.

We also discussed how to survive school holidays, and how to turn off that baby making switch. We pondered at how we set the weather in our home, who makes up our village, and what are the ingredients to a perfect day. What are yours?

On the food front, we made some delicious goodies including cheesy polenta with lentil bolognaise, cowboy cookies (yeeha!) and peanut butter brownies. The last two are so good, that they're really for sharing (otherwise you don't get to share the calories, er, I mean love).

While we ended our long service leave this month, we are still revealing the renovations to our little beach cottage at Port Fairy. This month we revealed the living room here and here. We also talked about all the special things we've found under the house and collected along the way.

Dressing up was a must this month. I'm loving keeping their personalities in the Fancy Pants photographs and talking about the crazy things they do. Like hiding behind a leaf and thinking that nobody can see you, or jumping over tree logs every single way you can imagine.

The portraits of our children continue, and this month I've managed to include three out of our four children. So exciting when our girls come to visit. It warms the cockles of our heart in so many ways!

Well, that was what made up our first month of spring. And hasn't the weather been kind? We've swum and visited the beach plenty, and can't wait for the longer days. Oh, how blessed we are!

What did you get up to this month? Are you enjoying this beautiful spring weather? If you're not from around here, how has your first month of autumn been?

Thanks so much for popping in to see what we've been up to!

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