Wednesday, October 16, 2013


How would you spend a whole weekend all by yourself?

Each and every year, my wise friend Bron goes on an annual solitary road trip. That means without her husband and her children. Even without a friend.

When I first read about her solo trips, I was moved. Being a lover of my own company for as long as I can remember, I'd not had a road trip like this for around 16 years. And It was time for me to get in my car and drive; hear the Sound of Silence, get lost in my very own thoughts (uninterrupted!), listen to an audio book, sing whatever music I feel like (at the top of my lungs); and stop wherever I pleased.

While the purpose of this weekend was to go to a friend's wedding, I was still the leader of my own destiny for three whole days. As I drove out of my driveway, I waved goodbye to my favourite men. I knew I would miss them dearly. But it wasn't until I was out on the open road, that the stress and worries of domestic life seemed far, far away.

As I left the state of Victoria, I couldn't wait for my visits to Tathra (on the sapphire coast of south New South Wales), Narooma (hello, Blues Festival!), Bodalla (for my friend's wedding), Tilba (because CUTE!), and Merimbula (for the ocean of emerald).

Last weekend filled my emotional well to overflowing. A weekend filled with space, silence, good food, cheese (we were in dairy country after all), and 18 hours in a car all by myself, I came home refreshed, happy and ready to be a better mother and wife than I had been for a long time.

Have you ever attempted a solitary road trip?

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