Wednesday, October 02, 2013


How do you think time works? Do you think that the hours are different for a five year old than they are for someone who is older?

I know the laws of nature, and I know that a minute is always going to be a minute. But as I get older, I start sounding like my grandmother who told me at a tender age that "time goes faster as you get older".

Damn it, because she is so right.

But what makes time go so slooooowly when you are young, the makes it speed up as we get older? Is it that we don't treasure the time? Is it because we have gotten too busy? Or is it that our mind races faster than time can keep up?

This weekend I wondered with my dear friend Lindy, what happened to our time. It seemed not long ago when I was meeting my husband's young daughters - they were 7 and 9 years old when we first got together. We became friends on the central coast of New South Wales, walking my dog on the beach, and getting pumpkin scallops at the local fish and chip shop. They sat on my lap and changed gears on my car. I made child-unfriendly meals, and discovered the love of Kraft Cheddar Cheese (you know the one on the shelf in the royal blue package?).

Soon we were married, and I noticed how their bodies and minds were changing. Then they learnt to drive, then drove off in that same car when they finally got their license.

The P plates are long gone, and our 'girls' are now well into their 20s. They have both moved out of home and living their own lives. They are now adults, not children any more.

I'm treasuring all today's moments, because our eldest son is now the same age age as our youngest daughter was when we first met. I know how fast time will go, and know that the lads will soon be independent, learning to drive, and be off with their friends.

The sands of time reminds me to treasure the moment, to live for today, and know that time will be past before I know it.

Do you resent time? Is it going faster for you as you get older?

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