Friday, May 14, 2010


ther·a·peu·tic: Having or exhibiting healing powers: a therapeutic agent; therapeutic exercises.

I love baking. Especially when I get a chance to do it all day.

When the house is clean, and there is nothing else to do, but enjoy spending time with the kids and cooking.

Apart from mixing and breaking eggs, licking the spoon is the highlight for the big one. The little one discovered this joy for the first time today.

The menu? Caramelised onion and feta quiche, little white lamingtons, chocolate caramels, white chocolate gingerbread slice and my favourite - rhubarb + berry crumble (pictured above, recipe here, and rhubarb fresh from our vegie garden).

It's like the cheapest therapy and, although a little messy with my little helpers, so lovely!