Monday, October 04, 2010

if i had a girl...

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The other day I was reading this blog about collecting ideas when you start a creative project. Instead of bookmarking magazines for inspirational ideas, you pull them out and put them in organised folders or on a pinboard. And not only do you collect them, but you mark exactly what it is you love about the photo/s you have collected.

It may seem common sense, but since we've been planning our kitchen and extension, I've been faithfully collecting clips and pictures. But I haven't labelled what I liked about them. And as time has past they're not so special and I now cannot name what it is I liked in the first place. (And, well, it has been almost four years in the planning...)

And the same goes with fashion. When I like a look, I often cannot pin down exactly what I like about it. But since discovering this newfound piece of knowledge, I have made a conscious effort to name it. And now I know.

I love the corporate look. Neutral colours, plain textures. And I love offbeat stuff. Bright patterns all over the show. I know it's a bit extreme and diverse in tastes, but this would make perfect sense if you saw the pieces I pull together.

One other thing? If I had a girl, she wouldn't be terribly girlie-girl until she could decide for herself what she'd like to wear. (And from what I hear from friends with daughters, that happens very early on - much earlier than boys.)

What is it you love about a certain look? Can you define what it is? Is this the way you dress your children?