Saturday, December 18, 2010

10 delicious facts about food club

(Back L-R) Melissa, Julie, Rebecca, Kym
(Front L-R) Kate, Rachael, Yvette, Melanie

Creamy potato skins by Kate
Pastries by Yvette
Parmesan toasts by Rebecca
Avocado & cherry tomato salsa wonton cases by Rachael
little salmon bilinis by Melanie
Middle eastern balls by Melissa
Garlic dip & turkish bread by Julie
Cheese platter by Yvette
Mango & Sesame salad by me
And yet more...
I loved the centrepiece a lot!
And the silver trees...
Mulled wine by Rebecca
Mini lemon meringues with raspbery swirls by Melissa
Lemon cheesecakes by Yvette
Little chocky mousses by Melanie
Non-alcoholic punch by Julie
Lemon honey cream puddings with berries by me
Cookbook Kris Kringle
If you've been popping by a day in the life of us for a while, you may have heard from time to time all about Food Club. Yes, you read right. Not Book Club, Food Club.

A year ago, some friends brought up the subject. They pondered on a club that would present the wonderfulness of something close to all our hearts: good food. And so a group of friends, and friends of friends joined

And Food Club was born. Here are ten delicious facts about food club:
  1. I've met the most amazing and interesting new people since joining food club.
  2. There are people out there who love food more than me.
  3. I've tasted new things I've never tasted before.
  4. I now understand what the fuss is all about with macaroons. Oh. My. Gosh.
  5. No matter how stressed I am, when I arrive at Food Club, there's always a relaxed vibe. And great conversation.
  6. We will never run out of food themes.
  7. Once a month doesn't come around quickly enough.
  8. We are all in Food Club for different reasons: from learning more to just the love of cooking. That aside, we all get along fabulously.
  9. There are usually the most thoughtful gifts (our year's worth of recipes bound in a cute little folder, thanks to Mel, Christmas fudges thanks to Yvette, mini puddings thanks to Kate). And let's not forget our Kris Kringle Recipe Book Gifts...
  10. There will be at least 10 more reasons to love Food Club next year... Cheers!


  1. Your food club sounds fabulous, and I agree with you macaroons are to die for.

  2. YUM!! What an eye full. Love the photos, everything looks so delicious. x

  3. Quite a change from Weight Watchers club...and probably a whole lot tastier too.

    I love the table setting you have there, the centrepiece is fantastic.
    Raspberry swirl lemon meringues? That's new. And so pretty.

  4. Oh my gosh, it sounds amazing! My mouth is watering at all the yummy photos of food. What a great club to be a part of!

  5. What a great idea! You all look like you have such a nice time together :-) Thanks for your encouraging comment today - nice to be called young :-) (30yrs young lol) xx

  6. wow, what a fab idea!!
    that looks like a fab way to get together with friends.
    i also love the cookie swap idea in your latest post..perfect!!

    hope your new year brings you lots of good food, friends and happiness ♥

  7. Oh my good god, you are so bloody lucky! I could so do a club like this!!! Of course, in my current 'diet' mode I should definitely steer clear, but I wonder if a 'food club' all of my own would be a good reward for reaching my goal weight? Food for thought!* x

    * Bad pun. Sorry. x


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