Sunday, December 12, 2010

10 reasons why having a haircut is the best

  1. Going to the hairdressers is like a mini holiday.
  2. When I go with no kids, I get to browse through a couple of gossip magazines and I don't have to share my drink and biscuits with anyone.
  3. I always ask for a wash, even if I have clean hair. That's so I can have a head massage. OMG, that head massage...
  4. My hairdresser Fleur and I talk about everything: from weight issues, lingerie, being step mums, her wild birthday parties and our obsessive compulsive disorders.
  5. Every visit, she tells me how much she loves me.
  6. Every visit, I tell her how we must have been kindred spirits in a former life.
  7. Even though I ask regularly, she won't let me colour my hair. Apparently it's a good colour.
  8. She styles my hair much funkier and cooler than I can.
  9. I never make hair requests. Fleur cuts my hair exactly how she wants.
  10. Because I trust her totally. And she never lets me down.


  1. I LOVE my hairdresser. Every six weeks I get to go and spend 3 hours reading trashy mags and chatting about music, tattoos, hair, clothes... my hairdresser even suggested we go to music festivals together.

    She chooses the colour for my hair, I am far to vein to let the grey show through.

    You're so right it is a mini holiday :)

  2. Lucky you. I am yet to find "my" hairdresser. i've been to lots but nothing spectacular happens.

  3. Your hair cut looks fantastic! I totally agree too, just wish I got there more than twice a year *sob*

  4. It looks GORGEOUS:) *whispers* I cut my own this morning, with my husbands hair clippers, but don't tell anyone! Jen

  5. I am with you on the head massage. It's what I look forward to most about going to the hairdresser. It's make or break for a good experience in my books!

  6. I love a good head massage. My nine year old has given me three this past week, unprompted - bliss! I always seem to make my appointments on weekdays so I have a toddler to keep entertained. I am booked in on Christmas Eve though and hubby has the day off. Can't wait!

  7. oh goodness, i have not been to a hairdresser in , well, that's not a difficult one, in 5 years! i had my last haircut when i got pregnant with my first child, and since then we've been doing it at home, and it's lots of fun. a bit scary sometimes, but still. your post really makes me want to go,though!!

  8. as far as being here in korea they treat me nice so i love them :) and they cut my hair really good.

  9. Everyone is getting hair cuts...Retro Mummy and Posie...I must do something with mine - I LOVE your style it is kind of what I was thinking of - if I am game, It's half way down my back at present... :-)


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