Thursday, May 05, 2011


The Easter Bunny kicked my butt this last holidays. I ate what I liked, and then some more.

And now I am bitter.

Bitter at myself for letting my jeans get too tight (again), angry that I now have more of a muffin top than ever before, and tired of the ridiculous amounts of chocolate staring at me on the kitchen buffet whenever I go in there.

Now it's time to kick the Easter Bunny's butt. Because yesterday I joined the gym.

If I'm really honest, I can't only blame the Easter Bunny. My food quantities have gotten bigger again, and I'm wolfing down my food whilst juggling the little lads at dinner time instead of enjoying those small bites. Also, I've been baking (damn those delicious ANZAC biscuits) and we've had lots of guests. That always makes meals so much more special, not to mention social.

There's also the fact that in less than two months' time I will be filmed jumping about and singing "Play School" style, plus reliving my hosting spot for "My Story, His Story" (more about that here). And if you've heard that saying, "the camera adds ten pounds", you can be sure it is absolutely 100% true.

So, off to the gym to remember how good it feels to...
  • do something just for me
  • get my heart rate up, and release those happy hormones
  • be toned and not wiggle when I walk
  • be coordinated enough for a step, circuit or even zumba class (and have a giggle along the way)
  • have my clothes fit properly
  • be a bit leaner (especially around the middle)
  • have more energy
Because if I dont' think of these things, this membership may be a huge waste of money. So, staying focused at this end and remembering the benefits of my investment...

How about you? Are you staying focused on something in particular?

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  1. I can't say that it would be trying something new because I've joined several gyms in my lifetime and also been on Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers at different times, but I have made a challenge to myself along the same lines:
    I need to move about 25kg of 'baby weight'! WOW, I'd never actually done the maths and seen the number before, but I know it's achievable. I've lost about 15kg once before so I'm sure I can do it again.

  2. Oh Kymmie, I was all fired up a little while ago for all of oh about one week and then I let it go wayside again!! With the chillier days we are now getting I tried on a pair of jeans the other day to find I can't fit into any of them...I have resorted to borrowing my son's pants which are miles too big for him as I refuse to buy more with the amount I already have. I know something has to give and hopefully it will be my flab :p
    Good on you for taking the bull by the horns and joining a gym...good luck.

  3. Good luck! You will feel so much better. I hate working out, but always feel better after my twice daily walks with my dogs. {That is the extent of my working out!}

  4. Yah for you. Exercise is good for so many reasons - especially getting some "you" time and feeling good. You look fab fab fab so just enjoy the gym and all its benefits.

  5. Go girl! As you know I have made friends with my treadmill and the bit I enjoy most is the "me" time. Remember that diet is 80% though so don't fall into the trap of "rewarding" yourself for a workout.

  6. Thanks for all your advice girls. I promise to eat less too ;)

  7. Good on you! I too have been feeling guilty about the excessive amounts of Easter chocolate... AND Anzac bikkies I've been consuming :o/ I made the big mistake of baking yet another batch of Anzac bikkies once the first batch ran out.
    Like yourself, I am trying to focus on my exercise also. I like to do sand running, but only get a chance to do it on the weekend usually. Last weekend I didn't, due to the boys being sick and no sleep etc etc...
    But this weekend... NO excuses!
    Good luck with gym goals :o)

  8. This is great!!! I hate exercising but that is something that I've put on my Top Urgent list. I've started with brisk walking around our village but have so far been inconsistent with it. Good luck, Kymmie.


  9. Good on you! I personally dont think you have a muffin top at all, but I totally understand what it is like to have the jeans get a little tighter. Just this morning I tried to put on my fav jeans ... but no can do - way too tight. Think I need to get my walking shoes back on too!

  10. Good for you!

    I must admit I'm not a gym gal - I prefer my exercise out of doors. For me it's not so much weight as eating healthier, taking the time to make meals from scratch, that sort of thing.

    I love the post about your award!

  11. Those half price Easter egg offers got to me and I gave in too easily to my boys' requests, with a couple of extras for myself too, so I know how you feel.

    With a hubby working away Mon-Fri, I can't even contemplate getting to a gym, but this week I did get the Wii Fitness Coach game, which I am loving! I can close the curtains and the boys all join in with me as we make complete fools of ourselves together :0)

  12. Hi Kymmie, You have WON one of my 'Garden Eclipse" cushions! Congratulations.

  13. Good luck! I'm thinking of doing the same thing but with my husband away for months I can't seem to find the time! So for now I'm just walking the dog :) Have a good weekend!

  14. You know after years of been butt kicked non stop by the easter bunny - who apparently spends the pff season at my house, i have taken drastic measures too! Good luck - although i think I need the luck more!! LOL


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx