Sunday, May 08, 2011

fancy pants

So, it's Mother's Day. And since becoming a mother, the day has become just that bit more special too. But I know there are those who don't love it as much as me, are indifferent to it, or really hate it.

After all, it's a day set aside to celebrate being a mother, and having children. A day where husbands, partners and children recognise the hard work and endless love of a mother. Assuming we're not single mothers. We can reminisce about how wonderful our mothers were in our growing years, and even our grandmothers too. Assuming we had awesome mother role models.

During my life journey I've met many who don't have a good relationship with their mothers, who have been abused by their mothers, who don't even have a mother.

And what about those who are literal mothers, but want to be with all their heart? Those who don't actually have children to call their very own? Step mothers and adoptive mothers? How about those children who have lost their parents? And for those parents who have lost their children? My friend Rosalie pointed out a few years ago, that while a child with no parents is called an orphan, there is no name for parents who lose their children. And what about those fathers who are both a father and a mother?

Yes, I love Mother's Day. But I am aware that it's not for everyone. For some, it reminds them of what they're not, or what they don't have.

Whether it be celebrating their first Mother's Day - with a newborn or a stillborn, or one who is a mother in her heart, I want to give you recognition this day. No matter what your situation, it is your day too.

Do you celebrate Mother's Day? Do you avoid it, or is it just another day for you?

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Big Apple Red.

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  1. Lookin good as always!
    Great post :]

  2. I love this thoughtful post, Kymmie. And although I'm loving mothers day this year, there was a time when it was not fun for me as we struggled with infertility, once upon a time.

    You look gorgeous, by the way. But I'm more gardener than fashionista (because I'll never be able to rock white pants) and the gardener in me is going 'whoa' about that tree behind you. Persimmon? It is stunning.

  3. This was my first mother's day, my little on is nearly 8 months old now.

    I wasn't really into it until a friend said that hubby should spoil me. I got all excited about it for a day or two, but then got over it again. It didn't feel special because my baby doesn't know what's going on. It will be more special next year when she's done some scribble on a piece of paper and calls it a gift.

    My hubby did buy me a new Wii game I wanted, but that's all that was different about the day.

    Thanks for your refreshing view on the day! Not everyone is into it, and some have very good reasons to not like it. I don't feel so bad myself for being a bit of a bah-humbug about it!

  4. beautiful post and you're looking fabulous as always!

    as someone who isn't and never will be a mother, i thank you for this post.

    my own take on mothers day and the lead up to it can be found here --->


  5. Looking fabulous!! Lovely post and happy mother's day to you too :)

  6. What a fabulous post. I have always put so much importance in the day because of my mum. I'm one of 6 and we always made (and still do make) a big deal for her. It's just flowed on to me since becoming a mum. My husband lost his mum early and always found the day hard until we found each other and now he has latched onto it for me.
    I completely understand how the day isn't for everyone. Thank you for verbalising that so well.
    PS Looking beautiful as always xx

  7. Happy Mothers Day!!! You are looking fabulous!

  8. Looking fab for mother's day!
    I snuck some KFC into mum's nursing home... she was stoked, haha

  9. I was looking at your pic on my email that comes through and just noticed your persimon tree!! I am soooo jealous of all that gorgeous fruit!!

  10. Cheers to mothers everywhere. We carry the mother lode. x

  11. Well said Kym...& very thoughtful!
    I always love reading your blog :))

  12. whooo hoo! LOOK at you gorgeous mumma! Lovin those white pants, and once upon a time i had those exact Portmans pants (no more sadly ;-(). Loving your thoughts too - i think any kind of day like today would be hard to some, and not for others. I'm hoping you had a marvelous day! You look gorgeous and so does that tree behind you!

  13. seriously beautiful and thoughful post Kymmie.
    And you look stunning as always (completely faaaabulous!)

  14. Looking fresh and fab lovely lady! Hope you had a super day with your lovelies! Such thoughtful words. Mumma's everywhere and all in forms should be revered! :) x x

  15. Happy mother's day. It is a big thing for me, and it is a big thing in our country ;-)

  16. Awesome post Kymmie, so absolutely true and very heartfelt.
    Aren't you just a stunning Mama in that outfit... Schmokin' :o)
    Happy Mother's Day!

  17. Beautiful post children are far more excited about mother's day than I am but I'll take a day of being spoilt any day of the year :)

  18. You are too cute, as always.

    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  19. Look at you, sexy Mumma!
    Mother's Day brings mixed emotions for me. I adore being around my children and being a Mummy, but I have no relationship with my own Mother. Sad, but true.

  20. Love this post - looking good! Just dropping in to let you know about your Kreative Blogger Award over at! I always love what I read and see here :-)

  21. this year is my very first mothers day celebration as a mother. I don't know but I really look forward for another mothers day.

    nice outfit I like the blouse, you are so looking good.

    stay pretty..

  22. WoW! perfect outfit. .love it.=)


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