Saturday, May 28, 2011

fancy pants

While it's been hovering around the 13 degree mark here in Melbourne, it's been a wonderful excuse to snuggle up. I've just changed my bedroom linen to the winter doona and put on the flannel sheets. So soft and warm! I even purchased some new jammies (thanks Target!) which are also flannel.

Have you noticed how hard it is to move around in bed with flannel sheets when you're wearing flannels?

Sorry, I digress...

So, it was 30% off last weekend and I headed to the shops teamed with a wonderful shopping partner - my eldest step-daughter Kelly. And well... we did a little spending.

And I love how what could have been an expensive shop was just so much more affordable!

I have been in love with these booties since I visited Adelaide and saw my step-sister had them in both camel and black. So versatile (and did you notice a wedge there too? My favourite!). And I was even more pleased when they were on sale. (How can one say "no" to $60 shoes?)

And these pants... so warm! I tried them on a few months back and swore I had to go back and get them. And as Kelly pointed out when I made her try them on: "They really suck you in." She is soooo right.

The look this winter is a long top worn underneath this shape jumper - short at the front, long at the back. Love it! So cozy and warm. And the colours? Well, they're all my favourite variety of neutrals all mixed up together.

And my hair? It's time to grow the hair to keep my neck warm. And I'm working on those under-eye bags. More sleep needed.

So, there you have it. I'm ready for winter (and for those persimmons behind me to be ripe already)! And there's nothing I don't love about warm feet, and cozy warm clothes (and delicious persimmons).

How about you? Are you ready for the cold weather?

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Kymmie wears: RELAXED KNIT, Witchery. LONG SLEEVED TUNIC, Witchery. PONTE PANTS, Witchery. Necklace, some forgotten named jewellery shop in Lorne. BOOTIES, Miss Shop.

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  1. Hey gorgeous girl! lovely to see your lovely smile and wow-ee loving this winter look - totally what I would love to wear! In fact, i think it's really a perfect winter ensemble and you look GREAT in it! I love the ponte pants too (i have a pair!) and those new shoes look divine! not loving the freezing weather so much, but with so many lovely winter looks, i guess it gives us an excuse to rug up! Enjoy the rest of your weekend sweets xxx

  2. Looking good! I can't get enough of your persimmon tree in the background - fabulous!

  3. I'm semi ready for winter - I just need to find myself a nice snuggly warm cardy/jumper, and a few more vests and long sleeve tops.
    And maybe a beret or a new hat. I have plenty of shawls and scarves, and nearly fit back into some of my old pants so...nearly ready.

    Meanwhile, that lovely outfit of yours doesn't look nearly warm enough for me...If I wore that in Melbs' I'd freeze my bones off!

  4. Oh you are TOO gorgeous Kymmie!

    Loving all of these photos and the persimmon is splendiferous!

    Happy day snuggly one - you take dressing for the cold to a whole new stratosphere of amazing!

    xx Felicity

  5. I love your hair! I am going to pin you to pinterest to show my SIL/hairdresser for next time!

  6. As we live in a temperate weather, this is the kind of outfit that we just live in our dreams. I love your layered hair, layered outfit and booties. Gorgeous from top to bottom <3

  7. Love this winter look - and those boots look so good! Loving the hair too. Loving it all! xx

  8. Those shoes are ridiculously cute! I want them.

    I bought persimmons once, but wasn't sure what to do with I baked them into muffins. What do you do with them? You must have SO many!

  9. You look stunning ... any chance you want to come shopping with me?? I could certainly do with a little Kymmie style in my life!!

  10. Those shoes are my kind of shoes - love them. This outfit screams comfort and style. You are looking gorgeous and love your shots. I am enjoying getting my winter wardrobe out as well. Naomi x

  11. you are looking very hot Mrs Kymmie...loving hem shoes too..and what do you make with the fruit as I dont like to eat them off he bush.

  12. Looking fine again Kymmie :) Oh yes it's getting told. Up here in Ballarat we're thinking snow already. Saty warm Cazxx

  13. You look great in that outfit Kym! And I love the shoes...$60?! What a bargain! :)

  14. The boots are HOT.

    Now, Kymmie, you look fanf'ingtastic, as always. But do confess: are you wearing leggings as pants in this outfit? Hmmmm? x

  15. you look gorgeous!!! But then, all you Melbournians always do! I am yet to meet one who is NOT dreadfully stylish and fashionable. sigh....

  16. Hot Mama, Kymmie! Absolutely loving this outfit. I think the shortish jumper over the longer top is a great look too. I think the colours you've chosen are also lovely and the big pendant sets it all off perfectly!
    You are so gorgeous :o)
    P.S. YES! I'm glad to hear you say that flannel on flannel feels strange, I think so too... but such a comfy way to feel strange ;o)

  17. Ohh I love a sale, what bargains you got and how fun to go with your step daughter. The boots are awesome, I want a pair too.
    Yes we've got the winter doona on and the flannel sheets so we're almost set for winter... just need the stupid central heating to be fixed! bbrrrrr.

  18. I am loving the layered look look gorgeous as always.

    I have been pondering getting a very similar shoe as I think they are to. die. for gorgeous, but have not been brave enough yet :)


  19. That outfit is fab! I love the wedge boots and all the natural colours. You go girl :-0)

  20. You look great Kimmie..and those persimmons just pop with colour behind you!

  21. Hi Kim, I've been seeing you getting around in great shoes for a while, but forget or too busy to comment. I love your garden, the brickwork and veges and of course the persimon tree, is it the soft squishy ones you are waiting for?


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx