Saturday, May 14, 2011

fancy pants

The persimmon tree is almost ripe and most of the leaves have finally fallen off all the deciduous trees. Luckily we are surround by oaks if we ever feel depressed by the constant need to rake.

Here in Melbourne it's been cold, cold, cold. Freezing in fact. And so I've been wearing coats, berets, beanies and boots. Winter is here, and it's early.

Not that I'm surprised. Melbourne really didn't have a warm summer, and so it makes sense that it just keeps on getting cooler. Perhaps it's the break in the drought that has made our seasons kind of right again. Or perhaps the rumour that global warming is bollocks is true after all.

Whatever the reason, I'm rugging up and kind of wishing for warmer weather. But then relishing in rugging up in flannel sheets and ugg boots. Because there's something lovely about that too.

As are the tweed high heeled shoes I wore today. They're grey, black with a strip of burgundy and teal. So quirky and cute, they're timeless. I've had them for a few years now, but don't think I'll ever tire of them. I would have done a close up of them for you today, but my step daughter borrowed them right after I took these quick pictures. So the above picture is from a Fancy Pants 'photo shoot' that I didn't end up using here on the blog (sans opaques).

These shoes almost didn't get an outing today. That's because I initially thought to wear a pair of plain black shoes, but after wincing in the first few seconds of putting them on, they were promptly exchanged for these lovelies. Why did I waste money on a shoe that looks good, but hurts so much? It's not often I get caught with a bad purchase, but I did buy them in a rush for my niece's wedding when I had a newborn. So you can excuse me for my rash decision, can't you?

So, how about you? Have you been caught out with a bad purchase? Did you buy shoes that make you wince the moment you put them on?

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Kymmie wears: CARDIGAN, Glassons. BELT, Dotti. SKIRT, Witchery. SHOES, Betts. EARRINGS, Diva.

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  1. dang girl do you EVER not look good?!? do you EVER have slobby days LoL?

    looking faaaaabulous as always, i love those shoes - just out of curiousity how many pairs do you have?!


  2. Haha! You make me laugh. Actually less shoes than you think. If I did a Fancy Pants every day and tried to wear all my shoes, I would run out before the month! And my wardrobe is not even a walk in. It's tiny! Just goes to show that you can mix it up with not very much!

    And yes, I definitely have my sloppy days!


  3. I have a pair of shoes that I bought out of desperation once for a spring racing carnival thingy. They are waaaay too high and I just can't tolerate them for more than 5 minutes...but they look so good!!! :-)

    PS: I'm still sitting her in my pjs remembering that one of my new years resolutions was to wear a dress/skirt at least once each month...maybe I'd better do a fancy pants post today and get may out of the way!!

  4. It's funny hearing about boots and sweaters and coats since we're getting into summer in the northern hemisphere. Although you'd never know it today, with temps in the 50s and cloudy :( Love the shoes! I must say that my wardrobe is limited to Mommy items these days - jeans, sweatshirts, t-shirts...looking forward to the day when I can wear real "grown up" clothes!

  5. You DO always look amazing, and so does your garden. Xx

  6. I just finished complaining about winter taking so long to go away and you're just getting it! Crazy! =)

    Super cute as always, Kymmie!

  7. Love the shoes, love the belt and that tree with a bright pop of colour! gxo

  8. I love your tweeds! Much better choice than the black :) Around our place at the moment it's all about canvas sneakers - D and I own 5 pairs between us and I think Little E's next shoe acquisition will be a pair of baby Converse. So cute! Thanks for visiting me this weekend.

  9. Hate to say it, but my fancy pants are usually ruined by the run in my nylons! That dang velcro! You got to love it for the little kiddies shoes, but that dang velcro makes a mess of the hose. Finally remembered to get some new ones yesterday!

    You look awesome and so does your garden. I think you should give a tour before winter totally sets in. It would be a nice touch to wear "the shoes!"

  10. whoa Baby, someone call the Hotness Police, coz you're looking mightly HOT right now and need to be issued with a ticket quick smart! Loving the opaque's and black skirt look. The shoes, well, DIVINE! as always. I'm a sensible girl, mainly flats in my wardrobe, except for those newly purchased ridiculously high yellow heels, but they have a wedge so aren't so bad! I do have a few "what was i thinking" items, but i try to re-fashion them, or accept that we can't always make good choices, and hence donate them to a worthy cause!!!

    Have a great week gorgeous girl!!! xx

  11. Love that outfit! And WOW at those shoes - I know why they're a fave and why your step-daughter steals the. I hear ya on the cold weather - Canberra has already had a -6 overnight this weekend which was the coldest it got last winter, so I'm cringing to thing what it will get down to this weekend - makes me very glad we got heating installed a few months ago.

    And yes, I always seem to get caught with bad purchases - somehow things that 'work' in store just don't cut it when I get home. Shoes are always the worst though! A bad top or pants you can hide and get away with, but uncomfortable shoes just kill!

  12. I love tweed. I agree, those shoes are timeless, quirky, gorgeous.

  13. How cold is it .... and its not even winter yet!! You are one sexy mumma.

  14. I love it that you don't have just one style ;-)

    It's summer here in the Philippines and it can be uncomfortably hot some days so it's quite refreshing to read about winter, which we don't have here.

  15. Oh Kymmie, I seem to have a knack for buying shoes that make me wince as soon as I put them on... well, they feel good in the shops... but once I get them home, different story.
    I bought these fab long, brown boots for this Winter. I love them. BUT I can only wear them with particular thin socks, or else they are just too tight. Hence why I have now purchased 4 new pairs of socks!
    Loving your tweed shoes, they're a classy little shoe.
    And agree on the flano sheets and uggies... YUM!

  16. I recently bought a pair of heeled nude coloured shoes in a rush and when I got home they hurt! I took them back the next day and replaced them with another pair of boots.
    We are looking forward to our first day with temp below 20 degrees AND RAIN!! Will have to get my scarves out.
    You look super cute in this outfit and I adore the shoes.
    I might have to invest in a persimmon tree just because it is so pretty.

  17. I've come to the conclusion that you were a model in a previous life - you are good at this being in photos thing!
    I love those shoes, how cool are they.
    I bought shoes for the Bloggers Brunch which I love but they officially hate me feet. So ouchy after just a few hours!
    Also; completely bummed that I didn't think to see if we could meet up on my whirlwind Melbourne visit!

  18. You always look gorgeous Kymmie! I recently made a rushed and last minute purchase of a belt that in the end I didn't even wear to the wedding i was last minute shopping for! Speaking of belts - yours looks great, particularly well set off by the persimmons. Speaking of persimmons - what do you do with them? Our neighbour has a large tree and offered me some....but I'm not sure if I like them... do you do anything with yours?

  19. Hi. I'm a first-time visitor who landed on your blog via the "Next Blog" button in a moment of whimsey. I especially enjoyed the Fancy Pants theme. I note your winter is setting in early. Our spring has been very slow in arriving, but today is a day to die for!


  20. The red belt just sets the whole outfit off, Kymmie. The shoes are perfect winter shoes too. I love this outfit - classic with a touch of quirky, just how we like it! x

  21. hey Kymmie, just popped past to see what you've been up to, but see you're MIA - hope all is well! xx

  22. at quick glance i thought the tree was decorated with little pumpkins (as i do to ours at halloween!). i've never seen a persimmon cool! you look fabulous and i love the plaid shoes. happy belated to your boys.


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