Monday, July 18, 2011


So, the second series of the television program I host was filmed last week. And there were a whole bunch of things I had forgotten about, which I wanted to remember and share with you...
  1. There's no such thing as packing light. Hosting a thirteen part series means lots of outfit changes and a lot of stuff to take to the studio.
  2. Things take time. I arrived on the set at 12:45pm on Wednesday thinking I was running very late. But not to fear, the set wasn't finished yet (and filming started after 4:30pm). We kept going until around 9:30pm.
  3. It's all about the socks. Because every speck and dirt grain comes up on the camera, the set design staff kicked off their shoes every time they had to hop onto the set.
  4. It's cold. To stop the underarm sweat and forehead glow, preferable filming time is in winter. And, thanks to technology, studio lights are not as hot as they use to be. Shame for me who spent most of my time freezing (but at least I wasn't sweating or shining).
  5. Smiling really hurts after a while. Every line to the camera is said smiling. And cheeks really ache after eight hours or so of filming.
  6. Producers have many talents. As well as sorting out the content, the guests, the set, they also can be seen to put on a little makup and powder as well.
  7. It's easy to become a diva. Not that I was actually hard to get along with, I can see why constant time in this industry, you might become a little big-headed. You see, priming the 'talent' is part of every filming staff's job. So compliments all throughout the day so you feel confident, and you excel beyond you ever might imagine. (Luckily, my lads keep me grounded!).
  8. There is a Voice Of God. Seriously. While we were a staff or two down on set, the tv producer in a sound room still had a presence. It's a big speaker called the Voice of God. And yes, it's kind of funny, because he sees everything too.
  9. There isn't much to a set. Really, there isn't. Can you see the roll of carpet, and the junk behind it? There really are lots of tricks and the camera really does lie.
  10. Microphones can go in the funniest of places. Let's just leave it there, shall we?

Microphoning up...

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  1. Hi interesting read! Is it tough having to talk to different guests constantly? Do you work out the script as well? Just interested.

  2. Ah, I see you're smiling as you're about to place that microphone ... clearly, when you say "funny places" I think of something different.

    Y'know, I've been wanting to see your show since the first filming. I've Googled and YouTubed and all sorts of things, but it seems to be something you only get to see if you subscribe to the channel. Or if I happen to be visiting my parents when it's on (which hasn't happened yet). Or if I come over and make you play it for me (which could be awkward). Maybe you could have a word with the Voice Of God and get him to release a Kymmie DVD?

    Hope Noah's head is OK. x

  3. oh i cannot wait to get the low-down on your week hosting!!! it sounds super amazing/crazy/ but you look like you loved every minute!! Maybe another award?? well done xx

  4. How awesome - you totally need to share more about this on your blog. Love how you gave us a sneak peak into what it is all about - go you! Love it! Looking good my friend. N x

  5. How awesome! I had no idea you did this! Please share more. Im madly clicking the link but it's just bringing me back to this page. What program is it?

  6. I vaguely recall you winning a big award last year (how impressive) but have no idea what program you are involved in. You look fab - the camera looks good on you! x

  7. Cool!

    You really are a star in every way.

    Love that coat too.

  8. Oh you look unreal, I love that you can look so cool, calm and collected whist HOSTING YOUR OWN SHOW!! Brilliant!

  9. Who knew you hosted your own show?! I cannot wait until you post a video of one of your episodes :).

  10. Woot! It's funny reading this from the 'talent's' perspective... for me it's all about the production side.

    What an exciting time for you, Kymmie. Love your look. x

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  12. what?!?! You mean all the nice things you said to me the other day wasn't true?!?!? LOL :)

    Good to see you've survived the experience to blog about it!

  13. How exciting...would love to watch it :)


  14. It's nice to read about your hosting job again. Not too many people can host in front of a cam. Hope you can post a youtube clip very soon.

    Very much a fan of yours,
    Tey xx

  15. How exciting. A nice break from running around after little people. Sounds so glam!
    I hope Noah's recovered.

  16. I loved this post! I am seriously in awe of your talent and your ability to look so glamorous. Thanks for sharing.

  17. This is so interesting. And you look so amazing.
    I wish I had pay TV so I could so you in action!

  18. Hi Girls,

    Thanks for your comments about the show. Here are some more answers:

    I am just the host, but the producer does all the work - creates the concept, the show, chooses the guests, sorts out the order, logistics, and filming dates (he was even seen with a powder brush in hand at one point).

    Although I spoke with most of the 13 guests beforehand, they all submitted a two page summary on what they were planning to talk about. I read their summaries, and before filming make sure I ask the right questions, seek out more interesting aspects of their stories, and help them to relax while sharing their story. There is no real script (except for the take off and landings between each break), but I tried to keep things on track.

    The show is called "My Story: His Story" and is a 13 part series which is aired on Hope Channel, Optus Satellite (or free to air in the USA). Hope airs in more than 13 countries worldwide.

    The first series of this show won an American telly award, which was really, really exciting!


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx