Thursday, July 21, 2011


At around the same time as Brooke Shields was setting a new fashion for eyebrows, I was fascinated with my mother's make up routine.

One particularly memorable day, I sat on my mother's waterbed watching every detail.

"Mum, whach'ya doing?"

"I'm plucking my eyebrows."


"Well, in my younger days, I plucked them so much that they didn't grow back. What little I now have, I need to shape. I really regret plucking them so much."


"But you needn't touch your eyebrows as they are PERFECT. So promise me, NEVER EVER pluck your eyebrows."

"Okay, I promise."

You know what? I kept that promise right up until the ripe age of 29. That is, until the week before my wedding when my matron of honour and I had a conversation that went a little bit like this...

"So, as part of your pre-wedding beauty routine, are you going to do something with those eyebrows?"

"Um... what's wrong with them?"

"You've got hair growing in the middle, and they're really thick and unruly."

"Oh, really? I hadn't noticed. Plus I've never touched them. I promised my Mum."

"Let's make an appointment IMMEDIATELY."

And so we did. As a result, my forehead and eye area was burning hot and red for a whole day. It was horrible. (But I did have lovely eyebrows for my Big Day.) Since then... well, I think I've waxed my brows two more times.


But there's nothing like an impending film shoot that gets me worried about a whole bunch of things that I never normally care about. 

Should I wax my eyebrows? Should I colour my hair? Should I get my teeth whitened? Should I lose 18 kilograms?

See? Totally ridiculous.

While I didn't do the other things, I did have my eyebrows waxed. It didn't hurt as much as the first (or second) time. And they actually looked a little awesome (if you don't mind me saying so).

How about you? Have you had a little beauty care lately, or tried something entirely different this week?

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  1. I rarely get my eyebrows done, as I take a medication for acne they won't wax them and have to be plucked. It means I only go for special occasions!

  2. Well done, they look gorgeous. :)
    I hate plucking but some times it's a while between eyebrow waxing... but I always love it when they're done. After saying that I am so over all this personal maintanence!! Who has the time.... but meh, I won't let myself go.... ;)
    Good luck with the filming! wooo.

  3. I've lost my tweezers...

    To be honest though I have been waxing since I was 14. I just am so time poor and plain old poor at the moment that I haven't managed any maintenance at all. I have man hairy legs and arms at the moment. My chin has sprouted too. Really the eyebrows are the least of my worries!

    Yours look great.

  4. It is actually amazing what effect eyebrows can do to your face. You make it too thin, you look older. If it gets bushy, you will look so 80's. It doesn't hurt to keep your eyebrows clean and shapely. I won't be surprised if you find it awesome (hahaha, that was so charming). And is that your picture as a little girl? You (even with your virgin eyebrows) look fantastic. xx

  5. I have never had anything waxed ... did it hurt??? They do look good though :)

  6. haha i bloggged about my eyebrows earlier in the week too! I had mine threaded, less painful and less burny redness! give it a go next time!
    Yours look great! x

  7. Love this story. In my 20's and early 30's, my eyebrows were quite the focus; I manicured them constantly and loved them. Nowadays, I'm consumed by them as they are dreadfully uneven. I've considered having a little nip and tuck to fix the problem, but I'm still not convinced that surgery would be a good idea. I like the link up topic - positive and inspirational. Must make a list of "want to-do's" so I can join in.

  8. I loved to get my eyelashes tinted because I'm so fair, but most of the time, mascara does the job just fine : )
    And I don't pluck my eyebrows either

  9. My eyebrows are the same as the ones I was born with...I have always been too scared to touch them :)

    Love that photo of little Kymmie.


  10. I've never touched mine. I always think about the time my cousin (who is 5 years younger than me) had her mother wax her eyebrows and ended up with only one... That's enough to make me leave them be!

  11. I had my hair cut today :O) Sadly that is almost trying something new for me. Realised I'm lucky to make it there twice a year when i was chatting to the hairdresser. Need to make some changes!!

  12. I am a plucker, never ever waxed. Honestly I don't have a lot of hair. The Minx. Now she will have a *relationship* with her beautician. The poor girl has more hair than her father! Glad your trip was successful. The camera loves you so I wouldn't sweat the filming x

  13. I've had mine waxed, tinted and primped every six weeks since I was about 20. I guess cos I'm already there for the tint, I may as well get the shaping done professionally. Ithasnt hurt for years!!! x

  14. I've just been to get my eyebrows waxed tonight - something I've only just started doing again in the lead up to our wedding. About five years ago when I was blonde as blonde, an eyebrow waxer took so much hair that its gone for good. Lucky for me enough has grown that they can be shaped slightly, but nothing like your fabulous ones! And funny you should mention teeth whitening, I've just had mine done recently (through my dentist, he made moulds and I wore them to bed with the gel on for about six weeks - I wanted the safest possible way of doing it). I'm so happy with the results. It cost me $400, the most I'd ever spent on anything in my life, but half of that cost was actually to get the moulds made, and now if I ever want to I can just go back and get refills once a year. I feel a little vain, but at the same time, it has given me a lot of confidence, and I figure it's my wedding day, if I don't do this stuff now, when will I ever? xx

  15. Oh Kymmie, you were so gorgeous then and you're so gorgeous now. Love those pics in this post :o)
    Yeah, I'm pretty much a battler when it comes to beauty routines. They kind of bore me. I love an occasional treat, but I can go years without any type of professional maintenance. I do pluck my own brows, but they're far from perfect. Other than that, I just do the standard shaving, straightening my hair and throwing on a bit of makeup. Sometimes I wish I did have a better beauty routine, but the thought quickly passes ;o) xo

  16. I have never plucked but love a good wax. I always leave it too long because I am so fair and actually need them tinted too that when I get them done, I am always so pleased with the difference it makes. I now zip into the Brow Bar in Myers as you don't need an appt and it is so quick. They just convinced me to purchase an eyebrow stick so I don't need to tint so often - has not made it out of the box yet.
    Last week, like Shelley, I had moulds made for teeth whitening from my dentist. I did three nights of the gel but have decided to wait until homme goes away for two weeks (next week). Gets tricky with intimacy ha ha ha
    You have gorgeous brows!

  17. When it comes to eyebrows I think I fall into your category, thick, good base structure, but really can't be assed, and sometimes get frustrated with the "thou shalt pluck cos all good women do" routine. I was recently told by someone they just wanted to wrestle me down and pluck them into shape.

    They can look great done ,but there is something to be said for not doing it - it's almost like bowing to peer pressure to do the nails/hair/brows/ groomimg thing. Surely that is not all there is to 'well groomed".

  18. I've only had mine done a few times , lately once a year (for 2 yrs)
    You look fab.
    I seldom pluck because I'd muck it up.

  19. I love having my eyebrows waxed. Always makes me feel like a new woman .... its having my lip waxed that HURTS! Dont try it .. seriously it kills.

    I would love to have my teeth whitened - and the 18kgs ... I'd settle for 10!!

  20. Oh I remember those red dots all over the area your brows used to occupy that first day you waxed your eyebrows!!! But they did look fabulous for your Wedding day as I am sure they look fabulous now! I WISH my eyebrows wouldn't grow back after plucking! LOL!


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