Monday, July 04, 2011

you tube and my family

I really want this guy to be my father of my babies.

Oh wait. He already is.

There's been a bit of curiosity about my hubby here, and I thought I'd formally introduce you to him. He's got long hair, he plays the guitar like no-one else I know, I love the way his mind works. He's so smart, yet so sensitive. Oh, and he writes his own songs.

I love him.

And now you've heard him sing, you know why I just had to marry him. He swooned me. It just took, er, eight years or so.

And see this girl on the right? That's one of my gorgeous fairy step-daughters, Kell and her BFF Stef. They're both hilarious. This below, is a teaser of their YouTube reality show...

My family is taking over YouTube.


  1. Is there anything sexier than a guy who can play the guitar?
    He is amazing Kym..both vocally and musically, I can understand why you are so proud of him.

    My hubby had waist length ringlets until the day we got married...he didn't know how to 'wear' it for our big day so got the chop and has regretted it ever since.

    Gorgeous family!!


  2. So talented. There is just something about a man that plays guitar and sings {my hubby does both too :)}.

  3. Steve Piez is soooo cooooollll!!!! And your stepdaughter is so gorgeous. I love, love, love your family.

  4. Steve Piez is soooo cooooollll!!!! And your stepdaughter is so gorgeous. I love, love, love your family.

  5. What a talented man! No wonder you chose him, he's a super star! Thankyou for sharing, i'm off to watch it again and show hubby (fellow muso). xx

  6. So much talent in one family! Beginning musos here with both girls playing violin. I hope they get joy in later life having this amazing skill.
    Lucky you.

  7. Wow, what a hottie!

    I loved the way you described your husband, your one lucky woman xo

  8. Awesome stuff Kymmie! I totally admire the ability to play music. Your hubby is uber talented. I can see why you are so proud of him.

    BTW - thank you for your lovely comments on my post this evening xo I've ticked the box below that provides my email address, hopefully this will work for you :o)

  9. Yeap I can see why you married him, don't dispair I have my own husband not looking for a new one, but yeah he looks lke a keeper.

  10. Loving the songs - they're amazing!

  11. What a talented guy your hubbie is!
    Music is such a wonderful thing isnt it. Sadly I cant sing or play an instrument but I do hope that maybe my kids will get this talent from somewhere ... just magic.


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