Sunday, July 03, 2011

fancy pants


There's nothing better than getting back into the usual program. Here we are after four weeks of day-to-day stuff, it's good to get all Fancy Pants once more.

And usually, I don't snap photographs in the middle of the day (hence the funny legline in the photos), but I had the best surprise today. My best friend from Adelaide called me this morning to see if I was going to be around for the rest of the weekend.

Why, you ask? Well, Tiger Airlines cancelled her husband and son's tickets to Melbourne and so they were driving over for the motor show. She and her two littlest kids (she has five!) decided to come along for the ride and stayed with us last night. The kids have run around the house madly for most of the night, but after they finally went to sleep, we chatted, giggled and laughed until after midnight.

It was a teeny tiny bit of time we had, but it was still so special, and such a great surprise. Nothing like a little home time madness with four little kids having a sleep over, and two friends talking over the top of each other to make sure every moment counted.

We even had time to count my shoes (because she swears I own more than I said I did here) and look at my wardrobe. Yes, we confirmed that I have more clothes than her, but less than she thought I had.

Including these funkadelic shoes. My $60 shoes. Thank you Miss Shop. They're even so comfortable my son likes to wear them around the house. (He's very stylish.)

As for me, I'm just silly most of the time. And then other times I pretend to have intense attitude...

... but it doesn't really work.

Have you had a wonderful surprise happen to you recently? Were you super excited?

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  1. do you EVER take a bad photo? ever have a bad hair day or a day that you just slob in slobby clothes? LoL you always look impeccable and gorgeous.

    if i didn't like you so much i could hate you :-P

    so great that you managed to have a catch up with your bestie - nights like that really energise your soul.

    p.s. LOVE those boots!

    p.p.s cheeky to ask but i'd love to see more pics of your backyard - i'm about to start designing ours for our veggie patches and when i manage to catch glimpses of yours from your fancy pants posts it looks well set out!


  2. Lovely Kymmie! I can't believe that orange fruited tree still has those orange fruits dangling from the branches! They are so long lasting..amazing.

  3. Those boots look marvellous. Comfy too? How great is that! Also loving that persimmon tree. Garden post please...

  4. Sounds like a superb weekend all round Kymmie! The best weekends are usually the surprise package ones.
    Great boots! LOVE the heel... but I do love a good heel :o) xo

  5. oh yipeee for besties, sleep overs and talking to wee hours of the morning!! i love it. And boy of boy you kept this outfit in the dark. You are Smokin'! I love it! Those jeans are hot and the shoes, oh the shoes. I just got a pair similar (bit shorter heel) from Style Tread, on line store! On sale, so all good! love the look, very sultry xx

  6. Sounds like great, spontaneous fun! I am dwelling on the fact that my sister (who I haven't seen in 5 years) flew into my city on the weekend, phoned and spoke briefly to my 10 year old and told her to tell me that she is holidaying down south and will call me on her return on Wednesday! We are going away for a mini holiday on Thursday. I feel really resentful and hurt.
    So I can truly appreciate how special it must have been to see your friend x

  7. So so wonderful to catch up with you!! I always wish it was for longer but hey, it is all good! Hanging out for November now! LOL!

  8. Hope you had a great time catching up - once again you look fabulous!! The the photo of the little one with your shoes!!!!

  9. What a gorgeous surprise! ANd those shoes are FUNKY! Have avoided my heels a bit lately with the bump but must admit I'm missing them. WIll try to join in next week...repeat to myself..."must get out of track pants, must get out of track pants!" Hope all is lovely :) x

  10. You always look so beautiful, you have such great style xo

  11. p.s Not sure if i mentioned it...but those shoes/boots are AWESOME. HOT HOT HOT. I want!


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