Saturday, July 16, 2011


There's nothing like being so glad this week is over. And although I am soooo very late at sharing my gratefuls, it's still worth remembering all I have to be grateful for this week.
  1. Concealer. With two and a half days of recording "My Story: His Story," the second of a thirteen part series for Hope Channel, concealer was part of my essential beauty routine. (I've never worn concealer in my life until this week.) Especially around the second day when my skin reacted ever not so nicely to the heavy studio makeup. Oh, and hello? Bags under my eyes? Be gone!
  2. No stitches. The second day into filming hubby called me and told me not to panic. Why? Because two year old Noah had a fall and split his head open. But "don't panic". We might not need stitches. But definitely not panicking. Sort of. Not really. Okay, a little.
  3. Happy smiling faces. There is nothing better than arriving home happy, but exhausted and seeing the joyous look of those whom you love. While Noah was a big shy at first, my five year old held me for ages and said, "Mummy, I missed you. I missed you very much." And there's nothing better than that kind of love. (Plus, I missed them too.)
What are you grateful for? For more wonderful gratefuls, visit the divine Maxabella Loves...


  1. Sounds like your week was eventful! Concealer has become my daily friend since having my third bub. Those sleepless nights were not kind to my older eyes.

  2. oh i nearly shed a tear at that last one. they sure do know how to melt the heart! xx

  3. Concealer ... I can never find the right one - any tips???
    And I have my fingers crossed that there were no stitches - OUCH!

  4. Hey TV star!
    Aawwww, your big boy missed you, gorgeous!
    I hope Noah's head is OK too.

  5. Where indeed would we be without it? Why just this morning I used a little 'green' to cover up the most enormous pimp on the END OF MY NOSE. God, what a hideous look. But no-one need ever know. x

  6. How very precious our children are...they sure know how to pull on the heart strings don't they :)

    Hope Noah's head is okay.



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