Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The lads get along so well, it surprises me sometimes.

They don't fight often and when they play, it's usually a very happy thing.

And when they're put in their separate beds, this is what we sometimes find when we check in at night.

I'm not unrealistic enough to think this will last forever.

But still, I'm treasuring it. And capturing it, to remind them of how it was.



  1. You never know Kymmie..this is still a regular occurance in our home. The kids often drag a spare mattress or two into one of the rooms and all bunk down together. I love that with the difference in ages my lot still share a special bond.


  2. that is so sweet, and if nothing else the start of a very strong bond.

  3. My ten year old and two year old share a room. I often find them sharing the toddler bed. It is a lovely thing to see.

  4. oh yes, sibling love is just what makes a mother's heart melt! i could watch my two for ages.... lovely snapshot too, to show them when they are older xx

  5. I love these gorgeous moments. Cherishing the power of human touch and brotherly love.

    Makes you think you have done the right thing having children close together, en masse. Oh that is just me!

  6. Oh just makes my heart melt seeing this Kymmie. I really get so emotional when my boys are playing together as mates... I've gotta toughen up, as I quite easily start crying when I look at them at times. Just beautiful.
    So cute that your two end up snoozing soundly next to each other, now that's a real bond :o) xo

  7. Well my older 2 boys love each others company one minute and then are trying to punch each other the next!! Hopefully your boys will just continue to love each other, but beware the teenage hormones when they arrive!

  8. This is just so sweet. I have been wanting to write a similar piece about my girls-- although theirs is about being like cats and dogs one minute and BFFs the next. Hahaha

  9. What cuties ... I hope their friendship does last. Way better than fighting siblings (like at my house!!)


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx