Sunday, November 20, 2011


Hello Six Weeks Before Christmas And I'm Exhausted Already feeling.

It's begun: looming work deadlines, end of year functions, rehearsals for big events, the actual big events...

And I'm tired.

Can you tell? I haven't posted a Fancy Pants post for another two weeks, and I've been scheduling all my weekly posts. I miss my regular bloggers and visit when I can, but it's sporadic to say the least.

There's no time for a hair cut, an eyebrow wax (which I've decided I would like to do regularly now), and Christmas shopping.

Haven't. Even. Started.

Which works against everything I stand for. I like to live life stress-free as I don't do that well under pressure. I'm not gonna lie. Some people thrive on it. Not me.

My favourite Christmas was two years ago, when I had a six month old, a three year old, Christmas was at my place, I had my homemade cards finished by October, written in by November, and Christmas shopping complete by early December.

Utter bliss!

Instead, I'm sitting here, with work deadlines around my ears, working late nights, and just dreaming about putting up my Christmas tree - but thinking I can only do it once the jobs are all done.

Are you ready for Christmas? Do you thrive on last minute madness, or love to be organised in advance?

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  1. LOVE the sweater how it dips down in the back and the shoes are too die:)\\xoxo Hanna

  2. I can't figure out how to link up?

  3. well you still look gorgeous even though the pressure is on!! I've got most of mine done and I'm starting to feel the excitement building. I do love a good christmas :) But like you I don't cope well with pressure and stress. Take care xx

  4. I know exactly what you mean - I'm not a pressure-thriving person. I need to have things ready well in advance. Good luck with it! x

  5. We're going away very soon and I am blocking out of my mind the list of a gaziilion things I need to do before then. but you have thoughtfully reminded me to book in my eyebrow wax. Because lets face, there are some things a girl can't do without ;) And FTR you look gorgeous in these photos. x

  6. I thought about fancy pants on Friday night, but then forgot and went out, sans photos.
    don't wait to your to do list is done, because it's never done, find a time to squeeze the tree in, even if it's at breakfast over the weekend. we put ours up yesterday. Tomorrow (as we are on holidays, just so we can get on top of things) we're taking a family day and heading into the city for xmas festivities.
    I'm like you, pressure doesn't work for me. Good luck.

  7. I had big plans for a more organised Christmas. So far many thoughts have been had but no actual action. Hmmm... I really had best get onto it as I have many gifts to make this year (not buy!). Looking gorgeous as always x

  8. What a great post Kymmie. I can relate to what you mean entirely. Christmas does have the potential to leave us feeling very stressed and under pressure. Throw in those other factors you mention and no wonder you're feeling a bit overwhelmed. For the record, I'm definitely not Christmas ready here, each day we get closer, it feels like I might be in some sort of denial... honestly :o/
    For a woman under pressure Kymmie, you still look remarkably gorgeous. You wear the stress well :o) xo

  9. The holiday exhaustion will be on going for many years I'm afraid. As the children get older things will taper off and the demands on your time will lessen. Hang in there!

  10. Very nice mom. I will wait next photos.

    Taste wine

  11. whhhhoa baby! look at don't look stressed at all - in fact, i would have to say that you are looking might fine young lady!!! As for the pre-christmas organisation thing...i'm with you 100% I need to feel i have it all sorted, yet i don't ;-( last year i did, but this year....well...i haven't started. Although the plus is, I've managed to convince both sides of the family that Kris Kringle is the way to go, so instead of budgetting and buying for like 20 people, I'm buying for 4....phew! I have one other piece of advice - ONLINE SHOPPING!!!!

    love you shoes too

  12. You look great. Wish I looked this good when exhausted and not having had a haircut (since before Jasper's birth).
    Its such a busy time of year, isn't it??

  13. That's what's weird about the holidays. Exciting but exhausting. Fun but super stressful. Love your Fancy Pants post as always and yey, linking up today after a long time ;-)


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