Thursday, November 03, 2011


Something amazing happened this week. I had time to myself.

Without the lads.

It was quiet.

Serene even.

I read a little. Lazed around.

There was even some time to play around with my new camera.

Fiddle with the camera settings...

... and just enjoy the space that was truly mine.

Perhaps I appreciate it more because it rarely happens.

Maybe I'd take it for granted if I had this every day.

I was even super happy to see my lads after their well-earned sleep.

Space is the best therapy. Ever.

a day in the life of us


  1. I've said it before, but I have to say it again you're beautiful. x

  2. Ohmygosh the camera LOVES you gorgeous girl!

  3. Oh I love this post Kymmie. Natural beauty everywhere! You are too cute for words :o) xo

  4. Silence is seriously golden ;).

  5. EVER!

    Wish I looked like you sometimes, Kymmie. Don't get all worried that I'm not loving myself and all that bollocks. I go ok. I just wish I looked like you sometimes, Kymmie. x

  6. That last photo of you is really beautiful (they all are actually!) There is nothing like time to yourself when your a mum :)

  7. Ah, I think a little bit of mummy space is just what I need at the moment :)


  8. Hi! Thanks for your message. Trying to finish a post but life getting in the way. Most good, some terribly sad. On the treadmill of life at the moment. You look gorgeous, I need that camera ha ha

  9. Woohoo. Agree with everyone here, Kymmie. You're beautiful in every angle. Hugs!!! <3

  10. wow - these pictures just blow me away!!! I know first hand, as i have meet you in the flesh that you are one gorgeous girl...but i'm just loving these relaxed shots of you gorgeous and stunning and I'm so glad you had fun on your little quiet time on your own!!! xx

  11. My goodness you're a stunner Kymmie....really, really gorgeous!

    I'm so pleased that you had some time to top up the batteries and play.

    Happy weekend Lovely!

  12. So quiet time sounds lovely and I have to agree with all of these other very wise bloggers Kymmie - you really are beautiful!

  13. Sounds like you deserved it. You are such a gorgeous woman too, if I may say so without sounding all sleazy... :)

  14. I have to agree, you are beautiful!

  15. Yes, space is wonderful isn't it? I'm thinking this as my two boys run around, screaming, and hitting each other. Glad you had time to yourself!!

  16. Such pretty photos of you.

    I try to schedule time for myself regularly (but I don't have children).

    Soon I have a random midweek day off work, a holiday that needed using up, my husband has to work though, so I'll have a pamper day!

    A walk, gym (now that I have re-familiarised myself with it), sauna then back home for a bubble bath and a face mask and a foot spa- can't wait :)

    Ps. 'time for myself' isn't usually that luxurious, it might be half an hour to watch one of my favourite TV programmes while I'm waiting for something to know.

    Wonder what new thing you'll try next?

  17. Can I just add myself to the list of lovers of those photos?

    I love space too. Now that my tribe is older they are actually sensitive to the fact that Mum needs space sometimes and take themselves out for the day. Bliss!


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx