Monday, March 25, 2013


This week was full of lovely long walks, scooter rides, visits to the skate park, and the playground. That's because we had visitors of the grandparent kind. My mum and step-dad were shown the sites of Port Fairy and enjoyed spoiling the lads with visits to the ice cream shop, games and fun, pick up and drop offs to school and a cafe lunch.

We were proud to show off our little sea town, and all it offers (although, probably a little too much walking for my step-dad who recently had a spell of operations on his foot).

This week also saw Madison settling into school a little more, making face-time calls to his little best friends at his Melbourne school (gosh, these phone calls are sooo cute to see in action!), and Noah attending his first playgroup. We are making new friends, and that is exciting.

| Stopping to take it all in on one of our daily walks; the ultimate easy meal - haystacks (have you had these before?); among the dust, dirt and cement; skate park time; Nanna enjoys the swings; the scooter is this boy's main means of transport; my step-dad Rog; mum with Noah. |


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    1. So true! They had a lovely time. The kids certainly thought it wasn't long enough!

  2. Your sea-town sounds so magical Kymmie :-)

    1. It really is! It's well and truly gotten under our skin! X


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