Friday, September 06, 2013


This date idea with my four year old is The Bomb. Not only do I get to hang out with my youngest lad, but the laundry, housework, renovating, or the Million Things That Need To Be Done are forgotten about. Completely. We are out of the house, and that means we can just be.

This fortnight's lad date was at a favourite of ours. A place where I know I can get a good Soy Chai Latte. And when I say good, I really really mean it. That's not all. There is also the triple chocolate mousse cake.

It's so seriously amazing, that the little girl at a table nearby was hovering around us hoping for a taste. (Which I offered after much persistence on her part - and her mamma said it was okay). She left the cafe screaming and being dragged out by her mother because she wanted more triple chocolate mousse cake. True story.

We come to The Hub often. The first time I visited, I had this mousse cake. So coming back was a must. Noah agreed (and he's never even had the mousse cake before). But he was into that baby before I even had a chance to pick up my dessert fork. He was nice enough to offer some to me, though. Sweet boy.

WE VISITED The Hub | Corner Bank & Sackville Streets, Port Fairy Vic 3284 | (03) 5568 2326

NOAH WEARS HOODIE, Gumboots. BEANIE, Ray's Outdoors. SKINNY CARGOS, Target.

Do you have a regular place you visit that is so good, you want to keep it a secret?

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